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  1. Got this for Christmas: says it's from a 1960s Buick but they weren't sure which model, would anybody here be able to identify the model?
  2. Here's some more
  3. Last Wednesday I finally had the opportunity to purchase a 2001 Park Avenue Ultra Heritage Edition to replace my 98 PA Ultra. My parents kept wanting me to get rid of it too, but I told them I was only interested in another Buick so it took a little longer than expected to find what I wanted. But we finally found it and I'm loving it. My 98 sadly was mistreated by it's previous owner and had a lot of body damage, but made it to somewhere around 300K (broken odo) Anyways, I will be getting some more pictures once I get my hands on a better camera. But for the moment here's the side-angle shot I took real quick. Heritage Edition too, which from what I understand were the only 2001s with ventiports since I've seen 2001 Ultras without them.
  4. Wow, can't believe I forgot that: 1998 Park Avenue Ultra.
  5. Wow, can't believe I forgot that 1998 Park Avenue Ultra.
  6. A while back the computer that controls the odometer and the PRND321 gear display along with fuel economy info etc got slightly damaged in a way that it doesn't show up 100% of the time. Otherwise it works except for the odometer being stuck at 999,999. If I were to repair said computer down the road, would mileage information be forever lost or is there another non-linked odometer elsewhere that the information could be gathered from?
  7. I will have to seek out a camera that's better than my cellphone, but will try and get on up there one of these days.
  8. No pictures at the moment unfortunately. First issues would be getting the supercharger working again, then the front passenger quarter panel and door and a repaint.
  9. Well I'm Knowltey, just joined the forums. I currently have a 98 Park Avenue Ultra that's been in the family for 9 years now. Unfortunately it was a little abused by my late grandfather for the 4 years before that, and I'm now looking at potentially doing some restoration work on it in the future, so just coming looking for a place that may have advice on where or how to get the best deals on certain restoration procedures. I've driven Buicks for about 5 years now, Had a 2000 Century for 2 and now currently have the PA. Another Buick I would love to eventually own as well would by a Reatta.