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  1. In the past 10 years I have had many conversations about retiring and it basically comes down to 2 questions, Do you like your profession or do you not. If you don't like your profession retire but if you enjoy your profession what is an age number just keep working. I have seen some of the people retire then became bored then they went out and got a part time job. I write software programs for high-rise building fire alarm systems. When an alarm occurs my software takes over and dictates what fans shutdown or stair pressurization starts or elevators recall or smoke dampers activate or messages activate in the speakers on floors above or below the fire floor or start fire pumps or activate generators AND call the fire department. It really keeps my brain active. I am sure you have heard of the SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS in Washington, DC, I maintain and update the fire alarm software for the museums. There is always work to be done at the museums. When I retire and give up my company van I will then take the garage queen out of hibernation and put her on the street then drive her to the mall and back !!! But then maybe I will work until I am 73 to 75. Woody
  2. Woody here - I had stage I lung cancer removed exactly 2 years ago and now cancer free. My 89 has been sitting in the garage as my GARAGE QUEEN. I replaced the battery but now disconnect the battery unless I want to take it out for a 5-10 mile jog. I just replaced the O2 sensor, got it off Ronnies Store. I have exactly 8 months til I retire at 70, somehow my wife wants me to continue working but I feel I have put enough into my career. I have not been on AACA in quite sometime and I thought I would stop by and read up on some issues. Woody 89 MAUI
  3. If you are contemplating changing out the tank and hangers I would like to give some additional info. The '88 & '89 have steel fuel lines and are highly subjected to rust. In the '90 & '91 Buick changed to neoprene fuel lines probably due to the rust problem. I found a '90 being parted out and I changed out my rusted fuel lines on my '89 for the neoprene lines, a direct swap and I am pleased that I did. Woody 89 MAUI
  4. Greg - I am with you, at this time it is a labor of love. When I ought my '89 I have to admit that I was not knowledged in Reatta's but I just wanted a car that I could toy with, repair and enjoy. I was not scared of the 110K miles but the '89 was pristeen inside and the engine purrs without a click, I knew that this car was going to give me the satisfaction I was looking for. I was not worried about how much $'s I was going to put into it, with-in reason but it is a labor of love. I did not buy it for an investment but I am trying to build in longevity so a future owner will be able to enjoy her beauty, handling and comfort. We all have different levels of enjoyment and so will future buyers of Reatta's. Woody 89 MAUI
  5. Kevin is on the right track, I have the need in my career to access security devices and I have a tool kit that matches these type of screws. It is not easily done to try to break off the center pin to get HEX bit to get enough surface to get enough torque to rotate the screw, so the Hex bit has to bottom out and if not the circuliar part Hex bit will break off. Personnal experience that I had to buy the security tool kit if I wanted to gain access to the security devices. These security tool bits can be purchased at security supply houses in almost every major city. Woody 89 MAUI
  6. Keith - About 5 years ago my wife and I accepted a free weekend stay at that Hilton that included an upgrade room, $75 towards meals and free parking in their garage ( no parking attendant ). We really enjoyed the weekend and not having to drive and park around NYC was nice. Your Reatta will be in a safe garage. Woody 89 MAUI
  7. Thanks Harry for stepping up to the plate and fighting our state legislatures. Woody 89 MAUI
  8. Our Gov O'Malley not only wants to increase from 20 to 25 year but the only time you will be able to drive your historic plated vehicle will be to and on a parade, to and back from a repair shop or to and back from a car show. NO driving at any other time not even to give the grand-kids a ride on Sunday afternoon. Woody 89 MAUI
  9. Got a replacement MAF and installed it only to have the same results. Discussed the situation with another member and I was about to start taking some voltage measurements and to write down what the snapshot was showing when I stoodback and said it can't be this difficult. I looked over and found a large vacuum hose disconnected. I reconnected it and hit the started and the engine started running with that ever so beautiful purr of the 3.8. As another member says look for the less of a problem first before you start spending $'s on finding a problem. Woody
  10. Three weeks after having a surgeon remove stage 1 cancer (1/3 of my right lung), I went out to start my '89 and the battery was down considerably but I tried to start the engine anyway. The 3.8 struggled to keep running, it would rise to 2k rpm then drop to 400 then rise to 2k then drop. I turned it off and yesterday I felt up to troubleshooting. Checked fuel pressure - 45 lbs, then removed the MAF & IAC and cleaned them, reassembled and retried to start with no success. Ronnie suggested unplugging the MAF and the engine start running half decently, so now I need a MAF. It appears that with the battery down and I was forcing the engine to start running the MAF must have taken a hit from the alternator.
  11. The best replacements for the struts and with the best available pricing is definitesly on Ronnie's Reatta Store. Don't waste your time searching the web. Woody 89 MAUI
  12. Actually, I had the strut tower rust on mine and I took the whole rear suspension to a welding shop and they welded on a new plate and cut a new hole for the strut. With your car up on jack stands, raise your floor jack up to meet the rear suspension (X marks the spot), disconnect the emergency cable under the drivers seat, remove the 2 control arm bolts, then remove the 2 vertical mounting bolts, then lower the suspension/floor jack to the ground. Then take it to a welding shop and have them cut out the rusted area and weld in a new plate and cut in new mounting holes. The welding shop charged me $100. Woody 89 MAUI
  13. Last weekend I went to the local pick-n-pull and saw a '63 4dr Lesabre and the original wheel covers were still in the trunk, the body was in poor shape but if anybody would be interested in the wheel covers I would go back and take some photos. PM me if you are interested. Woody 89 MAUI
  14. Erv - Whoever buys this car is subject to being ticketed. The Reatta like the 60's Corvettes had to have "pop up" headlights because the slope of the hood would not allow the headlights to meet the minimum height from the ground per the requirements of automotive industry. Thus by utilizing the "pop up" headlights this met the minimum height from the ground. Woody 89 MAUI
  15. Bob - I replaced my fuel tank and rear suspension on my '89 Sapphire Blue and I sanded both to remove the surface rust then primed 2 coats of black and then sprayed 2 coats of satin black enamel. Then I replaced my muffler and sprayed high temp black. When you look under my bumper all the black components look hidden giving it a clean look. Woody 89 MAUI