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  1. I have been "discussing" a six cylinder, Series 6 Mercer touring car that is located in Texas and may come up for sale. The current owner, who inherited the car, is looking for the title and doesn't know what year it is. What year were the six cylinder Mercers made? In looking through my info, I think they were just made in 1925 before the company closed. Am I wrong? Thanks in advance
  2. Having been a convention chairman for other clubs, I can tell you that you absolutely can not win. If you have a convention in the middle of nowhere and have reasonable prices, you get complaints that there is "nothing to do" and your attendance suffers because there is not a lot of population near the convention site. When you have it near a city, with a large and potentially supportive collector population, people complain that it is too expensive. I attended the Rolls Royce National Meet at this same Oakbrook, IL facility (Marriott), and let me tell you that it is a great venue and the prices quoted to the AACA members are very reasonable compared to other events that have been there.
  3. I just joined the AACA, is it too late to get a Hershey space and how would I go about getting one? Thanks.
  4. I noticed this Futureliner is now consigned to the World Wide Auction in Auburn, Indiana on Labor Day. From one auction house to another, it keeps rollin' down the road......
  5. I believe this is the one was offered for sale at the RM/Auctions America Spring Auburn 2011 Auction in May and did not meet the reserve. I think I remember reading that the high bid was in the 200K range.
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