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  1. I have looked high and low for the vinyl interior trim molding for a 1965 Jetstar 88 rear window. I'm looking for the original vinyl or any kind of a substitute vinyl trim suitable for that interior. I'd like burgundy but I'm willing to paint whatever I can find to match. If you have a source or found some unique way to overcome the problem of crumbling vinyl trim molding around the windows please let me know. I don't know but I imagine I could use 88 olds vinyl or maybe something from another GM model. Anyone with knowledge please to share with me. I am lost. Thanks, Tom in Indiana
  2. I don't care about keeping anything but the face and indicator arm. I'll go look up John Wolf Co. and see what they charge. I've found several in the $240 range but thats a bit over budget with all the other repairs we're already doing. The tach would be great to have back in service, but conquering the minor oil drip is a higher priority for me. thanks for your reply. TDE
  3. I would appreciate directions as to how to convert a tachometer to work with an electronic ignition. I see there are some parts including a circuit board on ebay, but I'm electronically challenged,so schematics mean little to me. I just need a plain old English take part A and connect to part B type of help. This is for a 1974 Corvette. I have several 30's cars and this forum has always been of great help to me, so please don't beat me up for asking for help on a 70's car. I asked how to do this here because the people here are really great to help and give advice. It may not be the correct pl
  4. Hi, I already posted an ad on the sales boards under "looking to buy" but that usually gets me nowhere except 20 emails from scammers in Europe who always have what I want in stock for immediate shipment.....right! So, please don't beat up on me for posting here where I always have gotten good advice. I need to find the vinyl trim or something that I can use for vinly trim to do the interior back window in my 1965 Jetstar 88. It's the cheapest car Oldsmobile made in 65 and this is a 4 door to boot. It drives like a dream with only 40k actual miles on her. The interior looks like its right out
  5. Hi.. I'm wanting to buy the trim or the vinyl material to make the trim for the rear window in my 1965 Jetstar 88. I don't care about color I can paint. If anyone has an idea or suggestion of where I might find the material to make the trim please let me know. Mine is crumbling from too much sun exposure. (IF OUTSIDE THE U.S.A. DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE "WE HAVE IT IN STOCK SCAM." ) thanks tde
  6. No problem getting the Ancor P/N 2261 mounts which cost less than $10. at Auto Zone. So, I drove the Cutlass over to my shop to install the mounts only to find that the 1965 Jestar 88 that I had left on my lift a couple of weeks ago had sprung a leak from the water pump, so decided to just go ahead and replace it and then work on the Cutlass. I finished the water pump and moved the Jetstar off the lift and parked it outside. When I came around the building to move the Cutlass onto the lift I found that my wife had parked her Jeep on the lift expecting an oil change and reporting a squeaky nois
  7. Joe, I sure appreciate your time reading my question and your very informative response. I plan on effecting the repairs this week. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks for giving me such great information. Godspeed, Tom
  8. And YES, Today when I examined the engine on the lift I could see the rubber was totally destroyed. So, thanks to you and Joe I'm on my way to getting a satisfactory repair completed. I was also very glad to learn that the 403 was pretty much a 330 in disguise so far as looks go. That is really kind of neat to know. Everyone here is just great to share their knowledge. Father time has taken most of my friends over the years ... so at this time of year its particularly nice to have new friends show up to take the time to help you out. Bill, and Mark, and Brady knew all this stuff but unfo
  9. Wow! Problem solved with the p/n # even.....thanks. The help I have rec'd here has been nothing short of extraordinary. I do so appreciate the help. Its just great to have people share thier knowledge and time. People I most likely will never get to thank face to face. None the less, I do appreciate what I consider a most generous gift. so THANK YOU, Tom
  10. MY SITUATION: I recently bought a 1966 Cutlass Covertible for a driver, not a show car; I can't sit still long enough for shows. This 66 cutlass came to me with a mid 70's (1974 I think) 403 motor installed that runs quite nicely. It seems well suited to the transmission, is pretty easy on gas, starts every time, and happily burns today's junk gas without complaint. MY PROBLEM: I do notice that the motor torques up when I accelerate quickly, so I am going to assume I have a motor mount problem. MY STUPID QUESTION IS: Assuming the mounts weren't properly installed by the previous owner, should
  11. I WANT TO THANK EVERY ONE FOR THEIR IMPUT ON THIS THREAD. Having listened to all of you and argued with some of you .....in the end I heard you well and decided to pass on the car we were considering to buy. Some have said that scarcity isn't important that its just demand, but to my experience short supply coupled with demand is what drives price. In this case, we learned there were several tens of thousands more units manufactured than we had been given initial reason to believe. The car itself is fine, it's not a show car, but it wasn't represented to be one. It could be elevated to show ca
  12. Thanks Rusty I appreciate the effort you made to find me some kind of useful evaluation...I could not get the on-line guides to work. Most on-line guides I've found don't go back to the 1920's and I really wanted to avoid making a huge buying mistake. I obviously like this car or I wouldn't be asking about it. It's just a cool look and the nostalgia of driving it should be a real hoot. Please remind me never to use the word, "investment" on this site again.. LOL... I has been schooled. My mother and this car are the same age, so I think it should be a great lark having them get together f
  13. I notice you own the car you are extolling, so I'll accept your imput as expert. I read carefully and appreciate all your comments, particularly the one about getting nickle plating done on the bright works. I will certainly use nickel instead of chrome. However, with 40+ years of experience, painting is something I do quite well, A couple of gallons of Lucite with my new brush and she'll look just fine.*grin* Thanks for your time and thoughts.
  14. Well John, nobody enjoys riding in old cars more than me, but all the guys I try to buy from seem to think price is pretty darn important. Banks are paying 1% right now, so buying an old car that is a good value seems to make sense to me as both an investment and entertainment. I readily admit I have limited resources so I have to spend them with care. So, I came here to get some valued opinions before I spend several thousand dollars on a car I'm really not that knowledgable about. Thanks for yours.
  15. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being best I'd say this car is a 10 as a driver, but maybe a 7 as a show car. Does $14K sound like a high price for a very very good driver? Not to put you on the spot or anything... hehe The car drives very well, the paint job has some minor flaws (mostly orange peel) and some of the chrome shows some light pitting, but really the car seems to be in fantastic condition with a wonderful leather interior. It runs and drives quite well with no mechanical problems that I could discern. I know price is a function of a lot of considerations but maybe I could get a few gen
  16. Thanks, thats a lot of information that I didn't know and appreciate having. I found one unsupported magazine article that puts the 1925 production number at around 200 units, but that seems pretty low even by 1925 standards. The seller is claiming the car is rare and is offering it at a price slightly under $14k. In my opinion its certainly a very, very nice driver with show car potential. I think some minor attention to both the chrome and paint job might be required to take it to the next level. It drives quite well which is more important to me than showing the car. I just don't want to p
  17. I am considering buying a 1925 standard six Studebaker Duplex Phaeton. I'd like some help in determining just how rare this car is or isn't. It seems Studebaker produced 133,104 autos in 1925 but I would like to find out how many were Duplex Phaetons. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks Tom in Indiana
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