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  1. wow ! i was totally interested and coudnt wait to see the pics..wow! its to ruff for me..I have a 64 cat and thought it would be a great addition but WOW!!
  2. hi, Verne,I may be interested,would like to see pics of under hood and trunk area..does it have air & run and does it have the 401 ci engine.. thanks john..
  3. Hi to all Buick fans!! Im looking for both rear corner bumper ends for my 64 wildcat..also in need of 4 door panels in usable condition. All help would be appreciated..Thanks...John
  4. Im looking for both rear bumper corner/ends for a 1964 buick wildcat..and 4 door panels in usable shape. Please help ! any leads would be appreciated..Thanks... john
  5. BJM Its always worth a try.. I have bought a car from an old add many years back so it doesnt hurt to ask... some folks get tierd of tring and just stops tring or just says forget it.! Thanks for your responce BJM.. John...
  6. HI Patrick Im also in need of the air cleaner decal mine is a 1964 wildcat 401 nailhead 4dr. hardtop are all the decal's the same ? (other than the engine size).. as soon as you answer ill pay either way(paypal or mail). thanks so much John
  7. thanks to all i did see two caps f/s on a listing for $95.00 each and he only had two.. so ill keep looking like many others
  8. Is this car still availible??? I tried your sbcglobal acc. but its no longer working... PM me back if u have info... John
  9. Thanks Rick we love it ! its a new work in progress for us. hopefully we can find a few parts that we need to bring her up to snuff
  10. 64 wildcat has a three piece bumper
  11. Hi bos: Do u still have both chrome end corners of the rear bumper????? Mine is a 64 wildcat...will they fit? Ill wait to hear from you John
  12. thanks for the reply... I live in Indiana... Just let me know when u get back. I sent u a PM also with email address. Thanks John..
  13. We live in INDIANA... 1.5 hours south of Lake Michigan.
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