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  1. I agree it's not right to put an 8v in a 16 v car , but the alternative would be to let the 16v car that is in otherwise good shape sit and rot for lack of an engine , when an engine is available . I believe that to be even worse ! I have driven both , and realize the 8v will have less power, but it should be a lot better than the sucky automatic!!! That said , my 16 v engine had been rebuilt 15,000 miles before it lost oil pressure , the main and rod bearings are shot , cams and bearings are fine. Does anyone know , can I install the 16v head and all associated parts on the 8v that is in good shape ?
  2. The engine is in the car used flywheel etc from the 16v. I have 3 8v smecs so no problem there, my concern is mostly vacuum hoses , there are definitely differences there, and a couple wiring diffs as well. the throttle body hookups and how they mount are diff too. I'm about ready to sell and buy something with twice the power, maybe a good ole mopar v8 convertible comes to mind LOL !! TRADES ???
  3. Mt 16v TC was in storage for 12 years , I took the top off a few weeks ago started to put the soft top up it has shrunk and hardened to the point it split and tore in about 6 places before I lifted it a foot , it is completely shot, it is the tan vinyl, my 8v car has the black cloth, it was also down for a couple years , (always garaged ,top down ), it is still just fine . when I replace the top on my wife's Miata it will definitely be with cloth, NOT vinyl!!
  4. I have an 89 8v with low miles that a got wrecked(not my fault) , and an 89 16v with bad engine, what kind of problems will I encounter installing the 8v in the 16v with getrag 5 speed ? I put the engine in the car only to find numerous things that appear to be different, mainly throttle body , vacuum hoses , and wiring ! Am I looking at changing half the wiring harness and the nightmare of figuring out vacuum ? Thanks for any help or tips !! Anybody want to buy 2 1/2 89 TC's in VA ?16v 112000 miles yellow bad engine , 8v great interior and top odo broke shows 30,000 prob 60,000 red/black,this car was in great shape , front was "swiped" bumper and hood messed up the rest intact, but front is pushed 3 inches to the left .8v parts car everything gone from doors forward .
  5. Mine shut down a few months ago, no power to the asd relay when cranking , but had power with key in run position. Turned out to be the ignition switch attached to the steering column , under the dash, replaced with one from my parts car and all is fine ! Who, knows maybe the same problem , worth checking out .
  6. Timing belt is almost new and in time, The ASD is turning on with key on, ASD then turns off power to everything as key is turned to crank, comes back on as key is released.
  7. SOHC / Auto, Red, tan int, black top. First thing I did was check for codes, none but the 55. I have owned this car since 99, and a DOHC / Getrag, yellow , tan int, tan top, since 95, so am very familiar with them, but I'm thinking maybe something weird in the electronics ?
  8. I'm hoping someone can help me , My car just suddenly died, now won't start. the fuel pump is working, I changed smec, hall effect ,and coil. The asd relay seems to turn on with key , then go off as you turn the key to crank. I unplugged the asd and with key on it goes through various clicks under the hood , then the fan runs briefly, then the clicks start again , in a seeming cycle till fan runs again. Any clues ??? I have always done my own repairs since 1971 but this has me stumped !! SOHC Auto 60,000 miles. Thanks for your input !!! Rick
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