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  1. Thanks for the reply Bob. The car is inside a shipping container now as it has been for 30 years. The current owner has offered me first dibs on the car. It"s one of his pride and joys. He is getting up there in age and has too many projects to get into this car. From what he has told me the car was bought in California and never left the state. The car was inside a barn when a bulldozer was about to demolish the building. The people driving the tractor opened up the barn doors to discover the car. They pushed it out into the street and some kids bought it for 50.00. They drove it up the stree
  2. I ran across a barn find car that has been in storage for the last 40+ years. The car is complete and has only had one repaint. It fires but the clutch is fried. All I can gather from any internet research is that it is believed that only 1% of 2600 of these exist. That means only 26? Is the correct? I am thinking that taking this project on would better be suited for a museum. The cost and work would be beyond my scope. Any thoughts? Ivan
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