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  1. Hi I just replaced mine. Lot of work to replace. Found a motor/regulator on E-bay for 200.00. you will need a manual because it's quite a time consuming job. Very tight fit. One clue is to remove rear speaker to access some of the bolts. Good luck.
  2. Sorry,the e-mail isfxe77172-internet@yahoo.com
  3. Hi, This is Dave from Pacifica CA. I just bought the gear and could use the instructions. ThanksYahoo!
  4. HI It's A 90 black/ginger v6 I bought 2years ago from original owner, Had been stored for 5 years with 49k. Was on craigs list for 4k , but sold it to me for 3k. Had all records and really nice condition. Only had to replace tires and battery.The motor/regulator is the first thing to go bad, It's the left rear window. 90tc,1963 stude Avanti R2,80 porshe,77 harley FXE
  5. HI Newbie on forum. My 90 TC, black ginger needs rear window motor/regulator. does anyone have one?fxe77172-internet@yahoo.com Thanks
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