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  1. For sale is a true original 1915 center door. It was an older restoration but kept in mint condition. Inside is superior shape, everything on the car is original. The vin is 864427 and photos can be found at 1915 Center Door pictures by Nhopton - Photobucket . Email me at noahhopton@yahoo.com for questions regarding this T, asking 35,000 or best offer. Great car for your collection!
  2. For sale is my fathers 1909 Model T touring. Asking price 38,600 (OBO) Photos can be found at: Pictures by Nhopton - Photobucket It is one of the early aluminum bodied models. From what I have been told everything is original, including the rear and front axles. The only two parts that are not original is the radiator( its from a 1912 model T I believe) and the intake manifold. I have the original manifold but it needs to be repaired as one of the bolt spots have been broken. The engine turns over and has spark but is currently not running. This car was restored in the 50's in Ohio and then moved to Florida in the late 80's to the sons of the restorers house after his father died. And then to California where my father owned it the last 17 years. First 38,600 dollars gets this beauty or best offer. Please ask with questions and I will answer to my best knowledge. Thanks for your time, Noah Hopton noahhopton@yahoo.com
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