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  1. i am having some trouble with the wastegate actuateng and placement, the car is an 83 riviera t type and has somewhat different placement and angle of the wastegate, i didnt take it apart and now its binding when it opens, PICTURES? DIAGRAMS?
  2. thanks i dont want to PO the resto guys, thats why i asked, i know they go for up to 90k with the chassis, suspention, and powerplant i have for it, but why fix a good thing, should i just restore it and sell it so i can fix up a roller insted?
  3. i finally found a clean 64 rivi for a new pro touring project, iv been wanting to do an ls3 six speed conversion, got the motor and tranny, heights suspention components, and the stance i want already picked out... HERES the trouble, i popped the hood for the first time and saw the super wildcat 425, which is appearantly very rare, and runs like the wind, i might add, im just not so sure how rare. Too rare to chop up?
  4. any good ideas on how to find interior wood grain replacements??
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