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  1. Lew....even tho I never show my car I feel I am only a care taker for this classic, it will be here long after I am gone. So....no cutting of anything for me....My preference is for any classic or antique to be safe,comfortable and original as when I found it......bolt on items are good... John in CT
  2. The most unusual add on I have ever seen on a 56 bird was a pair of matching headrest...matching in the sence that they were the same color as the vinyl seats...only a solid color. The car was for sale on Ebay a couple of years ago... If money was no object i would love to have rack & pinion steering on my 56.....John in CT
  3. I just saw last week a 56 bird on Ebay stating that it was equipped with the "RARE CONTINENTAL KIT"....
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