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  1. Maybe Mopar? I had a Chevy and a '49 Plymouth Convertible (which I still own). Just trying to figure out some parts since my husband passed away and I need to clean my garage space. Thanks anyway
  2. Thanks for your help. My '38 was a coupe so it didn't have a back seat for a heater vent...
  3. No part numbers at all. Any suggestions of what may be?
  4. Can you help me to identify this part please?
  5. Can you help me to identify this part shown in the picture, please? It was in my box with other '38 parts. Thanks in advance, Ana
  6. I have a exterior windshield sunvisor with green glass and mounting brackets for a '25 Durant. Glass is in great shape It is listed on E-bay. $100 plus shipping.
  7. Mr Handleman, can you help me to identify this handle? I also have the mold to make it. Thanks in advance, Ana
  8. So... it's not a Nash handle? any clues? or suggestions?
  9. Can you help me to identify this handle? I also have a mold to make them. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Greg. I try to grab any literature from the early cars because there were so many models/makes that as you say they hard to identify. Thanks anyway and keep up with our great hobby. Ana:)
  11. Can you help me to identify this pair of hood hold downs? and is there any catalog or web site with this type of information because I have a bunch of them ... Thanks in advance. Ana:rolleyes
  12. Thanks, Leif. But my gauges are black? They look pretty much the same... Ana