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  1. I've ended up with lots of std.8 connecting rods. They are from "29-'30'-'31 std.8 engines, but fit many years. Most need babbit and bushings, but are straight and complete. I'm selling them for $9.00 ea. or 8 for $60.00 plus shipping. If you need some contact email "mdlbandc@comcast.net"
  2. Attention- Would the person who bought 28 disc wheel lug bolts in ziplock bag marked with an X please contact me. You are 1 short. I took 1 out to use as a sample and forgot. I'll send you the missing bolt. I'll have other bolts for disc and wire wheels available as soon as I replenish stock. Mark Lingenheld 860-324-6786 or mdlbandc@comcast.net
  3. 3 nice Packard parts I've reproduced. 1st: disc wheel lug bolts in stainless steel.Exact copies, not stubby headed jobs like others have. $9.00ea. in sets of 28 or 32. 2nd: trunk rack locking bolts and cones in stainless. Precisely as original. $50.00/pair-4pcs. 2 bolts and 2 cones. 3rd:'30-'31 std. 8 grill shell to radiator sealing collars in bronze. Clamps rubber washer to filler neck. $75.00 ea. A must if you're going to work on your radiator. Contact directly; mdlbandc@comcast.net for pics
  4. Thanks Dave, That's a 1930 7th series cap. I'll keep looking.
  5. No, 6th and 7th series are completely different. I need 6th series. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I could use sidemount hardware. Both sides. Pie plates, bolts, locks if they're available. Put a price on them if you would. Contact directly mdlbandc@comcast.net. thanks, Mark
  7. I need a decent gas cap for a 633 roadster. Are there any out there? Contact mdlbandc@comcast.net
  8. The Craig's list entry has expired. Can you provide a phone #. I'm not far away and am interested.
  9. 1930-31 Packard filler-neck inner collar. Seals shell to radiator. Beautifully reproduced. Precision machined in bronze. Exact duplicate.Contact- mdlbandc@comcast.net for photos and pricing.
  10. Does anyone have experience making and installing a 733 2-4 coupe headliner as originally done? Specifically, how it was suspended and where, how the square 1/2 round rib was installed, was the dome-light tight to the framing? I have no pattern(would love to rent one if possible). Any tips would be greatly appreciated before I dive in with hundreds of dollars in beautiful wool. Pics of a project in progress would be great. Thanks, Mark-mdlbandc@comcast.net
  11. Hi, I assume you're looking for the Houdaille style shock. I have several. I've not checked them out for viability. Will do so tomorrow and let you know. You can contact me @ mdlbandc@comcast.net. regards, Mark
  12. Need a decent gas tank cover(shroud) for a 733 standard 8 2-4 coupe.Contact Mark. mdlbandc@comcast.net
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