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  1. i thought that was standard. thanks for the heads up. as soon as this heat wave ends im getting it restored instead of selling it.
  2. Thanks. thats exactly where it was. i knew i had seen it before. thought i was losing my mind. style 64-3467 body la 4318 trim 990 paint V acc 4d paint code V = Holiday Red 71336 found trim 990 = black vinyl can anyone help with the rest?
  3. for the life of me i cant find the trim tag. can someone help on this? ive looked at the driver side firewall and everywhere else in the engine compartment where else could it be?
  4. last set of pics. thats just one of the boxes of extra stuff for the car
  5. Options on the car: Power steering Power brakes Power top original am radio no ac no seatbelts rear speaker - not sure if that was an option but its there never have known how to find the hp of the motor i believe the original color was a red. will add a pic so someone can tell me the color from the code.
  6. $8,000 and its yours. i would drive it anywhere it needs to go as long as you pay for the plane ticket back or traded for a car i can drive back. Im probably gonna start the restoration if nobody wants it within a couple weeks.
  7. heres some pics i just took. the truck lid was replaced which is why there is a super 88 emblem and extra line of oldsmobile i have a mint replacement dash with original radio and lots of extra chrome. all the lights work and besides the dead battery it fired right up. no leaks and no smoke. there is some surface rust since the paint is almost gone but all the usual rust spots are solid. all the windows work, wipers work, no factory ac so cant check that. just went for a quick cruise and drove great.
  8. First time forum post, long time Olds & Vette lover. Its time to either sell or restore my 64 Olds. Lots of fun to drive over the last 7 years but either needs new paint and tlc or new owner. 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible Runs/Drives Original car barn kept for most of its storage life. Professionally rebuilt slim jim transmission 60k miles on 2bbl Rocket 394 v8 Dynaflow exhaust lots of extra parts all chrome is here and in ok shape top works Taking offers, trades, ideas, suggestions. ill add some pics later today. Located in Western NY 14701 call, msg, or email for more info