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  1. Hello, I found this 1975 Chevy Nova Custom where I live. It has original 14,XXX miles and is very clean. The interior is in amazing shape. Starting Price is $4000. Anyone out there think it would be worth? Otherwise the best it could be would be a daily driver? Thanks, Brandyn
  2. There are pictures of it on my other forums about it. It is kinda rough in my opinion but never know
  3. Thanks. Maybe I can get the guy to drop down to $5000 for everything so it gives me a small portion to work with but otherwise I will pass and look for something else to restore
  4. I want as many opinions as possible. So the car is pretty much better for someone who is looking for parts. Glad everyone is nice here. I don't feel like I am getting attacked.
  5. I had a question about a 55 thunderbird. In its state now is $7000 the right price? Mobile Photobucket I was told the chassis and engine match but it right now is on another chassis. It is solid. Had been hit in the rear so comes with an extra rea clip. It pretty much an basket case. Nothing is cataloged so I don't know what is missing. One thing it doesn't have is the title.
  6. That is so true. I am someone who would rather put the love into the car not for selling but to enjoy the beauty. The car is still on the list but I still want to know more and advice before I do think of picking it up
  7. I had an issue with the DMV. I had bought a 1962 Buick Skylark in the worst shape ever but still driveable. Picked it up for $1100 and once I got to get the title switched it went fine. Tell they sent me a notice saying that the car value is more then what I bought it for. I then had to pull out pictures and anything else to show them that the car was in that state of the value. It was the first time I had to fight with them proving the price and state of the car. Minnesota is getting kinda odd
  8. So pretty much the car isn't worth anything but someone's custom project or even maybe a parts car?I am glad I ask for advice before I buy it and make a mistake. Everyone on here is more helpful then any other forums.
  9. The guy has the front all back together since he is moving to Missouri but yea the interior probably would cost quite a bit. What is on worth full restored anyways?
  10. Haha. Yea for some reason I like the T&C. I might pick this one up if everything goes through. It will be my life long restoration but will be worth it in the end
  11. In this state right now what do you think it is worth? ImageShack Album - 55 images Images are in the link.
  12. I am looking at this woodie that needs full restoration but the guy is asking $4000 OBO. What would be the true value of it in the state? I don't plan on restoring it and selling it. I plan on keeping such an interesting car. ImageShack Album - 55 images The Image are in the link.
  13. Yea that is so true. Nada price guide is all wacky
  14. Haha. Is there a place I can ask a question about the value of a woodie? I am looking at a 1950 Chrysler Town and Country Woodie and the guy is asking $4000 or best offer. Only problem is I don't know what it is worth in it's state.
  15. That was on craigslist before winter too. It isn't a bad deal for the car either since I found a few out in cali and there prices for it is just as much but for less.
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