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  1. coupeman

    Edsel youngster

    Thanks Backburner, any leads would be appreciated
  2. coupeman

    Edsel youngster

    Hi Guys I'm looking at trying to find a 58 Edsel Youngster, they are a electric or gas powered childrens car from 1958, any information on one would be great, I can be contacted at thanks
  3. Hi guys my name is Dan and I'm looking for a Edsel youngster and a big M junior, I think they were from power car company, looking for all sorts of junior cars and the Edsel is one of them, I can be reached at thanks Dan
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Dan and I am looking for any mini cars like the power car company cars from the 50's and 60's. Doesnt have to be power car brand but similiar, my email is thanks very much
  5. I can help you out with information on padded dash for your 58 Plymouth, brand new high quality repros, faultless, I'm looking for a 57 or 58 Plymouth Fury too if you know of any. I think the Padded dash is around $600 and comes in whatever color you want my email is Dan
  6. Hi Guys I'm looking for a 57 or 58 Plymouth Fury, if you have one or know of one could you let me know please, thanks
  7. Hi everyone I'm looking to buy a 57 or 58 Plymouth Fury, If anyone has one or knows of one could you let me know, my email is Thanks in advance, Dan