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  1. Well, I haven't posted in a few months. . . well there's good reason. I haven't really been able to get much done. . . However, I have done some more research and foundout some interesting things about my car. When it was bought in 1966, it cost $8,387.86. The base price was $6,631. The only options this car does not have are shoulder belts (safety doesn't sell) and headrests. It does, however, have the $227.75 of the Golden Touch Tuner AM/FM radio (high-tech ) That was the most expensive option at the time. Now as for the whole "not getting much done" thing. . . yeah, parts for this are extremely hard to find, even with the help of the Online Imperials Club. Not to mention, when I find them, they are way to expensive. But I have found a list of things that need done on this. Carb needs rebuilt, front end needs rebuilt, shocks all around, tires, battery, gas tank needs dropped and cleaned, tranny has a seal leak, and that's just so it'll run!!! As for cosmetics, headliner, seat re-upholstry, dent in rear bumper, rechroming, etc. . . needs a little work. But now that "spring" is here, time to get outside and go to work.
  2. Hmmm. . . I could've sworn my sisters 90 was Front wheel drive. . . I dunno. Ignore that post then.
  3. I'd have to say the late 80's, early 90's T-Birds might be. "Big" car, and they still have some power behind the wheels.
  4. More than likely it would have the 440. Most Chrysler products from the late 60s have that engine or the special ordered 426 Hemi. This, is not a Hemi. It does, however, have the right air cleaner for the 440.
  5. Okay, thank you! I'll have to look it up when it's possible for me to. Thanks a lot! Zachary
  6. I have for sale a 1949 DeSoto Custom Coupe. Here is a link to my previous post on the "Buy/Sell" forum. Please make an offer. Thanks!
  7. Question: Where is a cheap, yet reliable place to buy a set of radial tires? Thanks! Zachary
  8. I kind've figured the same, but I didn't find much harm in asking. Ya know what I mean? What was there to lose? Thanks, Zachary
  9. Well. . . I feel as if I've posted a lot lately, and here's another one. My sister is looking for a car, but is having trouble finding one. But, there are a couple problems: A) She's hoping for one around the northern Indiana area, or just Indiana in general. She only has a couple hundred dollars to spend. If someones got one out there they're looking to get rid of/sell, I'd be grateful. If you're looking to get rid of one, but it needs work, it would work also. I don't like asking this, and I know this is a tall order, but if at all possible, my sister and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. . . Zachary
  10. The Green Hornet (both new AND old) have many older cars. Both use a 1965 (Chrysler) Imperial for "The Black Beauty." The old one also shows a 1960's era Chrysler Convertible, the new one has many old cars, especially towards the beginning.
  11. Again, Thank you!!!!!! This helps TREMENDOUSLY!!!! Now I definitely know where and where not to look. Thanks! Zach
  12. Haha thank you! I guess I had my information wrong. Thanks for correcting.
  13. One last thing. You can make me an offer, I promise you, if you are looking for a good resto car, this is it.
  14. I have for sale a "Second Series" 1949 DeSoto Custom 2dr coupe. It is in pieces, although everything is there. Has a straight six engine, with FluidDrive transmission. Aftermarket "Bedknob" front and rear bumper attachments, lighted hood ornament, along with a VERY RARE piece of chrome surrounding the license plate. For a little bit of history. . . Manufactured by Plymouth (a brand of Chrysler), the DeSoto line was released as a separate marque of the Plymouth division. 1949 was the first year for the DeSoto's to come with STANDARD key ignition. There were two different sub-models: The Deluxe and the Custom. After the first half of 1949, a new Deluxe and Custom were released, and labeled the "Second Series." The straight six produces 109 bhp at 3,900 RPM. If you would like to know more about this rare piece of Automotive history, please feel free to e-mail me at, or leave a reply below. Thanks! Zachary Vermilion
  15. Thank you!!! I hope I do have good luck! Let's just hope for not too many problems!
  16. Oh wow. . . I'm sorry. I don't mean to cause this much trouble for you.
  17. Hello, I am looking to buy a car from Washington State. The only problem; I'm in Indiana. I was wondering whether anyone out there can transport this car, or knows somebody that could. Thanks! Zachary
  18. Thank you so much!!! I'm going to look around at those companies that you mentioned, as well as on this website. Again, thank you!
  19. Hello, I'm looking to possibly buy a car, but the problem is, it isn't anywhere close. So that's where I turn to the trusty forum. What would be the average shipping cost from Washington State to northwestern Indiana? Or are there any websites I could go to and get an estimate? Thanks!
  20. Could you send me an email, with a picture attached possibly? My email is
  21. This is a beautiful car. I especially love the amber Indian head hood ornament.
  22. Thank you!!! I might just have to send him an email. I'm not exactly sure what I need right now, but hopefully there isn't much.
  23. Yes, I'm not real sure how the rodents got in. I've kept it locked and sealed up, but that doesn't always guarantee anything. It shouldn't be too bad to clean up. I've got the interior basically cleaned out, and it's really not in too bad of shape, minus the headliner. But, for right now, I'm more concerned with getting it running. Which, won't take much to be honest.