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  1. For sale in Europe. The Euro is quite weak at this time. Worth a look.. http://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/Classic-Car-For-Sale/1936-Packard-Twelve?ad_id=2145650221
  2. Lovely 1929 AC...... still pristine after loving restoration some two decades ago. Perhaps the prettiest one available anywhere today.
  3. How's this one? (Old thread but no need to start a new one I suppose.)
  4. http://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/Classic-Car-For-Sale/1931-Cadillac-370bV-12?action=viewlisting&ad_id=1729329059 Advertised as running well. Quote: "The car runs and drives well and has been just recently serviced by a noted Cadillac expert. During the recent servicing, the radiator and brakes were rebuilt and four new white wall tires were fitted. The car runs and drives extremely well. The engine is quiet, the transmission is smooth, the brakes and steering are accurate and responsive. The car runs down the road with great power like a twelve cylinder Cadillac should."
  5. Just listed on our site...No advertised price..: http://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/Classic-Car-For-Sale/1929-Duesenberg-ModelJ?action=viewlisting&ad_id=303640524
  6. Just listed on our site: http://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/Classic-Car-For-Sale/1915-Liberty-LaFrance?action=viewlisting&ad_id=2145644707
  7. https://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/Classic-Car-For-Sale/1931-Isotta-Fraschini-Tipo8A?action=viewlisting&ad_id=59318760
  8. Just listed today...very tidy car for 98,000 British Pounds https://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/Classic-Car-For-Sale/1934-Stutz-VerticalEight?ajaxed=1&ad_id=1984130340
  9. FYI...Large European Collection containing many American cars including: 1948 Lincoln https://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/car-listing/1948_Lincoln_Continental?ad_id=626778142&action=viewlisting 1935 Pierce Arrow https://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/car-listing/1935_Pierce-Arrow_845?ajaxed=1&ad_id=751477905&action=viewlisting 1956 Studebaker Power Hawk https://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/car-listing/1956_Studebaker_Power_Hawk?ad_id=224763614&action=viewlisting 1949 LaSalle https://www.vintagedrivingmachines.com/car-listing/1940_La_Salle_40?ad_id=461695738&action=view
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