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  1. Here are a few pics, Ill have to pull the rest of the cars out to get better pics for you guys.(I hope i uploaded correctly)
  2. Sure will, as soon as i figure out how to do it. Im more handy out in the garage than here at the desk
  3. haha, at least i wont sount like an idiot again!! I thought of the nike swoosh and kinda went with that haha. Sweep it!
  4. hello, I have a gaz69! I do not know of any clubs or anything. I love my little jeep, and i even have done a little offroading and it truly is unstoppable!
  5. Hello All. Proud owner of a 1953 buick super. Its been stored away in my garage partially restored for 10 years now. I had other projects i was working on but now its time to get that buick finished. Very very clean car, no body work was needed and only 71k on the car. I am looking for a few small parts and info on where to locate items such as glass and correct upholstery. I do this because i love the old cars and love to see them come to life. I also have an amazing '54 olds 98 with factory ac, all powers and continental kit that will be next in line. I am glad i joined here because i see that there are many knowledgable members that i hope can assist me along the way. Look forward to meeting many of you and your cars. Cheers, CJ
  6. Hello, i am looking for the passenger side swoop spear for a 53 super 2dr hrdtp. If anyone has a spear or info leading to one that would be great. I also have many spare parts as well. Thanks