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  1. Who did the work for you ? Can you get the contact info for me ? Bob F.
  2. Looking for info on how to drill and dimple 24" diam clincher rims for 30 x 3 tires. I can't seem to find rims predrilled (40 Spoke) & there aren't too many people who can do it . Those that can ask a steep price. So I thought I would look for info on how to do it myself. I have my hubs and an old 23" rim to duplicate the pattern. Bob
  3. Still looking for an early 1900's planetary transmission. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob Ferry Louisville,Kentucky
  4. Since my hopes of finding 34 x 3 beaded edge tires are fading. I really want to use 28 " rims, so I thought maybe I would look for a supplier or manufacturer of solid tires or 3 " round tire stock to put on 28 " rims . Does anyone know of a source ? I found a company in Selina , Kansas which may be able to help. I will contact them this week. Bob
  5. Wayne, I am using a horizontally opposed 2 cylinder engine from the early 1900's. It is a Brennan.( 1904 I beleive) I am now also looking for a 2 speed planetary transmission for the project. So if you happen to have an extra one sitting around, just let me know. Bob
  6. J & P cycles states the inside diameter of the tire is 28" and Coker states the overall diameter is 28 inches. I am not sure who is correct. If the i.d. is 28 inches, then the o.d. should be 34 inches.
  7. Building a Olds Pirate Racer replica & would really like to have the orjg size tires/wire spoke wheels. Bob
  8. Looking for 4 tires 34" X 3" any color and any tread as long as all 4 tires are the same. Metric tire sizes willl work also close to 34 x 3 :cool: Bob F. Louisvill, Ky
  9. David, Check with Dixie Gun Works in Union City Tennessee. This huge gun shop has a antique car museum in its building with lots of parts hanging from the cieling. They have a Marmon on display with their 20 plus other cars. Maybe they can help, if not maybe they can give some leads as where to get parts.[ Good luck... Bob F. Lou., Ky. QUOTE=dpeeler;1186801]Ron - I realize this is a very old posting, but thought there might be a chance you checked it occasionally. I am looking for 34B parts - engine and headlight. Any chance you have extras or know where I might find? Thanks, David
  10. Frank, I do not think the axle will work for me, but I am interrested in the flywheel . I will check later when you post a photo. Thanks, Bob F.
  11. Frank, I am one of the two people george is helping. I am building an Olds Pirate Racer replica. Need an 18 " flywheel and a planetary transmission from a CDO. I will chain drive the car just like the orig car, also just like the replica Steve Moskowitz built. Can you send pictures ? Thanks, Bob Ferry Louisville, Kentucky
  12. Dan, Congrats to you & your wife. Sean is a beautiful boy. As others have said , cherish every moment, as time will go by very fast. My youngest (a girl) is almost 22yrs old. & still in college. I have 2 older boys and they have blessed my wife & I with 3 grandchildren and another on they way. The name you chose is a wonderful way to honor your friend. Now start reading this blog and Hemmings Motors to him every day so he can start learning to be an old car guy !!! :-) Bob F. Louisville, Kentucky
  13. Looking for Flywheel with straight or curved spokes ( 6 or so) that is 21-1/2 " diameter & 1-3/4 - 2 inches wide. Dont have a fortune to spend on it. Similar to a curved dash olds spoked flywheel. Bob F. Lou. Ky.
  14. Coker does not list them on their web page , but I will call them. I am also looking for a new rim for my hub that is pre drilled and dimpled for spoke nipples for 40 spokes. Bob F. Lou. Ky.
  15. I am looking for 810 x 90 tires. I havE found Excelsior, Dunlop Chevron and Waymaster tires , but only available in black, but I would love to find them in grey. Any ideas where I can find any ? Bob F. Louisville, Ky.
  16. I probably will turn my own hubs. My drawings do not show detail as far as the distance from the outside of the hub to the center of the holes for the spokes and the diameter of the hole for the spoke. However I do know the wire spoke is 14 guage. Maybe I will need to make some educated guesses.
  17. I am working on my Oldsmobile Pirate replica. I have a 3 choices for coming up with a set of hubs for my wheels for the car. 1st Find out what the wheel is in the picture enclosed and look for 4 of them for my car (use the hubs with larger rims and new spokes) I know it is not the correct hub for the Pirate but this hub if available it may look period correct, but then again maybe not. It may look too heavy/big 2nd Find someone who has 4 hubs from a sacrificial CDO. 3rd Machine my own hubs from an early 1900's Oldsmobile CDO wheel drawing I have. I know Steve Moskowitz was involved in the bu
  18. Mr. Peterson, I tried to call the number but I only get a fast busy signal. Would you please check the number again ? Thanks I wish I had the time to attend the Hershey event. It must be a real rush to see all the great cars on display. Especially Mr. De Dions original steam car. Bob
  19. Yesterdays has some great engines, but I want a water cooled engine. I will send them an email to see about getting a 1 cylinder 8 hp water cooled engine. The air cooled engines they have would be great for my 1920 replica version of a Norton Racing motorcycle. Bob
  20. Making my own casting patterns is as just about as old school as it gets. How many others in the car enthusiast hobby would do this ?
  21. I have my own machine shop, and I can make all my own patterns. I find adversity and opstacles in my way only make me stronger. I have found owners of some cars will not share information . Maybe they feel that a replica of a car is not as good as the original. But if we fail to inspire our younger generations to join the car enthusiast group, with originals or replicas, soon the group will not exist. And that would be truly sad. When I was young , my father taught me to work with my mind and with my hands. I only hope that I can excite others to the gratification and pride we have when we
  22. Been out of touch lately but still looking for an engine. I think I will purchase a 8hp cylinder ( un machined )block from the man in the uk along with con rods and a piston and make my own case. I Need a water cooled engine and I don't want to pay super high price for an engine. At $6,900 that a lot of dough for a single cylinder engine. I know I can build it from scratch if I simply had one to reverse engineer fo a week or two. Still open to any offers. :cool:
  23. I am looking for a copy of the bok de dion autobook one If anyone has a copy for sale, or knows where I can get one. Please let me know. Thanks, Bob:)
  24. I don't know about trying to get an engine from a French hotel, but I am still looking. I would love to see one of the many copies made of the engine in the early 1900's. I will contact the Smokestack group soon also. I have been in contact with a man in Austria who makes working scale models of the orig. Bouton engine & he has a set of drawings for building his casting kits. His engine kits are 1/4 scale. I thought I could scale up the drawings he has to full scale. I don't think it would be difficult to scale up to full size since I have data on the stroke,bore, piston size, overall
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