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  1. Don't know anything about the car other than what I just read, but I sure do like the lines on it. Nice car, thanks for posting.
  2. Sorry I got off track in my rambling. Yes I am speaking about old cars. Never even considered the weather being a reason for more closed cars.
  3. So I have been doing a lot of researching vehicles and have found that different areas of the country seem to have vehicles that aren't as available in my area. Right now I am in Rochester, MN and have seen vehicles I don't think I have ever seen before. Maybe I have and just never paid as much attention. Wish I was capable to car shop, but I am at the Mayo Clinic and they have you skipping building to building for appointments. Unfortunately I will have to stay through the holiday, but there will be no appointments so maybe I can get out and about some. My wife wants to go back to see the bri
  4. I also found another on ebay with a slight variation in the second set of numbers you provided that is NOS and they believe it to be from a 50's or 60's chevrolet. I realize that doesn't help you much though.
  5. Not sure what it goes to with my limited knowledge of cars, but could it just be 4.3 gear ratio for the same car as you seen on ebay. I don't know if you could specify your gears back then or not. Just taking a shot at it and trying to learn.
  6. When I use to be a Deputy I worked a lot of home burglaries and vehicle thefts where entry was made by the garage door. What would happen is a thief would break into their car and go through everything making it look like they were trying to steal stuff. What they were actually stealing and most of the time never noticed by the owner was the garage remote from the visor. They would then follow them home and return the next day and go through the garage using the remote. A lot of these auto burglaried occurred in their own driveway.
  7. I got and replied. Not sure if my replies are getting out or not.
  8. Budget cuts are affecting city sidewalk crews.
  9. The security guard said I could park at the dock.
  10. Thanks everyone for all the great advice. I have noticed a few things about old cars. Not speaking about any of you since I don't know you and probably don't live near you. Some around here that have them sitting around think they are a gold mine. Others don't want to get rid of them and some don't actually know what they have. There are a lot of cars disappearing around here. We have tons of metal scrappers running around hauling off cars from people. Some illegaly and some not. They give the guy 100 bucks for it and haul it off and the guy/gal thinks they made a good deal. Got a hundred buck
  11. Poci you're probably right on that one. Being how he sits next to the highway I bet he has been asked a thousand times already. I know an old man that has a few barns with about 40 cars in each one that won't sell any of them. He don't do anything with them just likes having them. Won't even let his own son take one. There is a 36 chevrolet 2 door sedan in my area if anyone is interested in it for sale. Not sure if I can post links to craigslist on here, but if anyone is interested I can PM you a link. Looks pretty complete and in good condition from the pics. It's not for me right now, but n
  12. Thanks poci for the repy. Let me ask as question that may be off the wall here. There is a guy just outside of town here that has older cars sitting all around his property. From the road you can see many 30's and 40's model cars, but you can also see a few gto's and other cars so no telling what all he has. I don't know the man personaly, but in experience of members here how to people like this feel about someone approaching their property to ask about the cars? I have talked to my wife about and in her mind she is convinced if they are still sitting there then he will probably not apprecia
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies. Klayfish it may end up I have Crohns and just haven't had a specialist where I live that has been able to diagnose it. I have most of the symptoms of it. Hopefully my answers will come next week. I have been accepted into the Mayo Clinic in MN and have to be there Tuesday. Sure hate to have another colonoscopy since I have already had 2, but if that's what it takes then so be it. Kind of strange I have survived 2 brain aneurysms in 12 years, but some intestinal problem is what brought me down. With my aneurysms I was off a total of 3 weeks for both and that w
  14. Im located in NE Oklahoma. Thanks for the help.
  15. I will upfront from the beginning here and hope everyone can understand. I have always been intered in older cars, but have never owned one. I actually begged my dad for a 60's model car when I turned 16 back in the early 90's. I am now 36 and still have that itch you could say. I have recently become disabled and sitting at home has really got me down and bored. I have decided I need a hobby. Now, I know some are going to think if your disabled how can you do this. Well physically I am not disabled. It is intestinal problem and until they can figure it out this is what I am stuck with and can
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