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  1. More pictures and additional info. I took the wheel base measure again (center of hubcap to center of hubcap): 118.5", exactly the same wheel base of the other Marmon 78 my friend has and I use as reference. I measured the radiator honeycomb core and compare it with the other Marmon 78 too. It has the same width and frame, but it is about 5.1"shorter than the other one. We should expect that due the differen and shorter hood this car has. Al gauges are new add ons, as tail lights, that were added during last restoration.The steering wheel is original as the wire wheels as well. The downdraft carburators are not original but that strange intake manifold with optional updraft carburator opening (currently sealed) seems to be original and without any weldding signal. Thanks JRA
  2. It is a Marmon emblem, but I am not sure it was not added in some of the resaturations, so the question about if it is or not an original Marmon custom model.
  3. The body is made of steel, but using wood frame. No aluminum was used. The taillights are not original. Best Julio
  4. Thanks for your thougths. Some responses: - this car is owned by a friend, who bought it in 1972. He is the fourth owner after the 1953 auction. - the chassis is definetively a Marmon chassis. My friend also owns a 1929 Marmon touring, so I checked against it, and they are the same. - I measured a wheelbase of aprox. 119", took from front hubcap (center) to rear hubcap (center). I am not sure this is the proper way to measured it. - the bumpers were probably added during a restorartion in the 60's I will take soon more pictures and also scan old pictures to post. thanks JRA
  5. The history of such car is very interesting. This car was scraped by its owner due its very poor condition. He abandoned the car in a quiet street in a small town in Brazil country back in late 40's or early 50's. The only official information we have is an announcement in a daily newspaper in back on august 4th 1953 saying: "the municipality informs to whom may concern that the following items were found in the public streets of such town and if they are not claimed in the next 30 days they will be sold in public auction: (i) four male horses (different fur colours are described), (ii) one female horse (brown fur), (iii) one goat (black and white fur), (iv) one poor condition beige roadster with Marmon engine, (v) one green cargo cart with eight wheels and (vi) one blue fruit cart with three wheels. Based on that, I believe this car is older than 1950's... Are there coach buiilt cars for Marmon in 1929? Thanks, Julio
  6. The pictures below show a 1920's or 1930's sport car. It has 8 cyl Marmon engine, code: N7557, what I believe to be the 1929 Marmon, model 78. Am I correct? However, I could not identify this sport body type for Marmon in 1929. Did they have custom bodies at that time? I believe the front grille was added during the restoration 30 years ago. I was told this coach work could be Delage or Delahaye. Is it possible? The hood latches are very different and maybe could offer some hint...<O:p</O:p Thanks for any help.<O:p</O:p JRA<O:p</O:p
  7. My 1928 Chevrolet was assembled in the Brazilian plant, could these parts be original? Thanks, Julio
  8. Are the top iron rests from the Oakland too? They are in my 1928 Chevy.
  9. Hi, I have this radiator cap, does anyone know the car that uses this radiator cap? And this top irons rest? Are they original models or replacements? Thanks, JRA
  10. Try Gary Wallace at Early Chevrolet Parts Best, Julio Chevrolet National - Touring (1928)