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  1. Still no references of internal door panels. The original factory picture reproduced above was taken at the 1926 New York Salon Show, of a 4-passengers Dietrich sedan. I am sure it was widely adopted in custom coach built. 

  2. Hello Folks, 

    I have always admired wicker inserts of door panels in some 1920’s cars. The picture below shows the front door of 1926 Lincoln sedan. 

    What kind of makes and body types used to have such type of inserts? When were they common? Mid to late 1920’s? 
    I have seen external and internal finishings using wicker inserts, so I am curious about this option.




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  3. Hello Folks,

    Sometime ago I was able to buy a part was missing under the hood of my 1929 Chrysler model 75. It is a sort of "engine vibration absorber". It is an steel arm attached to a bumper at the firewall, this arm connects to a regular bolt in the engine head.

    I have now decided to install it, but I would like to understand how it works, why Chrysler developed such system, if there is any special actions I should take to install the part, and if it is really useful. Any ideas?

    In my perception the level of vibration of the engine seems to be normal. After I installed thick rubber engine mounts, it became better. When I bought car, the engine mounts were missing.

    The picture below shows the setting in a car I found on the internet. I rounded it in red, it is under the brake fluid canister. 

    Thanks, JRA


  4. Hello, I was doing some research about Upholstery materials for 1920s open cars (roadster, touring, phaeton). In general I see leather or leatherette. Regarding the Upholstery color, in general I see recent  pictures of restored cars showing brown (Light or Dark) as a frequent color. Were these the options used at that time? Could Black leather a period correct material?

    I am restoring my 1929 Marmon touring speedster, so I would like to make the correct choice. The car has black fenders and black canvas top. Would be black the right color for the seats?




  5. Hello,

    I am looking for hood latches/hooks for my 1926 Studebaker big six, EP. Once I am having a hard time to find them, I would like to know if there are other years with the same part, so I could interchange it. 

    Find below a picture of an original 1926 hood latch.

    Anyway, if there is any available for sale, I am interested.

     Thanks, JRA


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