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  1. I have a 63 lesabre with a two speed dynaflow transmission and a 401 nailhead. My transmission doesn't go into low unless I shift it manually. There is what appears to be a vacuum line going to the modulator on the transmission. But it isn't connected to a vacuum source on the other end. I don't have a open vacuum port to connect it to. Can I simply put a T on the vacuum line to the vacuum advance? Is this even the problem with my transmission
  2. Here are a couple of pics of the land yacht the day I bought it.
  3. I just joined the group today. I am currently working on my first project. 1963 Buick LeSabre Convertible. It is all original and only 69k miles on it. I know the family that I bought it from. Everything on it works power windors and power top starts and runs great. It does need to be repainted and the interior needs to be done. I can't wait till I have it all completely refinished and take it on some road trips this isn't going to be a trailer queen. Anyway I look forward to sharing pictures of my progress and asking for advice and help from time to time.