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  1. I was planning on putting headers on my Impala and was wondering if this is all I need or if I need a kit persay. Hedman Hedders 68170 - Hedman Street Hedders - Overview - SummitRacing.com
  2. Ok thanks and before i touch the car if I purchase a Speaker that fits right will the old audio setup work with the new speaker or will I have to run new wires?
  3. I am comepletly new to restoring vehicles. I have a 68' Impala 327 that needs some new speakers and a new radio. I was planning on getting a newer radio and then buy a stock one to put back in when I decide to sell it. But I was mainly wondering if I put new Speakers in my car if it will make a difference in value. If so, should I figure out a way to get stock speakers?
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