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  1. Thanks for the link, that appears to be a 42 or 46? Plymouth, it’s not a 41. I got a line on another one at the moment.
  2. The car in PA was also on EBay. About a month ago I paid $375 to have that car inspected. The owner is VERY difficult to work with and wouldn’t even remove a couple of boxes from the trunk so the inspector could check and photograph the trunk pan. Based on that, the photos he did take, and the paint thickness meter readings, my opinion is that it has a lot of rust and I’m not going to deal with it. Thank you for the reply.
  3. Thank you for posting this one, somehow I missed the email informing of it. I’ve been busy with two other ones, one was sold while I was try to get additional information from the seller, the other one, located in the NE, I paid to have inspected, and based on the results I have opted not to buy it. It’s not easy buying a car from the NE where salt is used on the roads, sight unseen. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.
  4. I texted to seller and he said it was already sold. I’m working on another one right now.
  5. The ideal car would be sitting in a dry barn, or freshly pulled from one. It’s complete but dirty, the engine turns over by hand, the body and frame are rust free, and the pot metal is driver quality or nice enough to rechrome without grinding or filling excessive pitting. And while I’m dreaming here, let’s make the barn find price $5,000. Next choice is something from $8,000-$15,000, Possibly more for a totally stock looking resto Rod. The most important is that the body and frame are solid, and I can verify that. I have a lot of experience doing mechanical, front end, brakes, replacing sheet metal, body work. I live in southern CA, and would prefer to buy a western car that will be easier to view and trailer home as needed. But I’m open to buying a car further away, and paying an inspector to check it, including some rack time, to verify and document any issues. I wouldn’t be opposed to buying both a nice, running original car and a solid project car. Restoring cars is my hobby. If you know of a car a want to pm me, please do. Thanks
  6. I looking to purchase a 1941 Plymouth Coupe. Running or not running is ok, but the car should have a very solid body and frame, with minimal rust.
  7. I would like to buy a solid 55 century or Special 2 dr Hardtop project car, driver, or mild custom. Please email and phone number... Thanks...Steve
  8. I am looking for a solid 55 Buick special or century 2 door hardtop. Project car, driver, or mild custom.
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