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  1. Robban


    Hi the problem is that i don't have anything to look at.I had hoped that there was someone who knew what they looked like . But I can measure the moulding and check their catalog. /Robban
  2. Robban


    Thanks! /Robban www.lundbergracing.com
  3. Robban


    I will check the website after clips. Thanks for the help. Robban www.lundbergracing.com
  4. Robban


    Hi, do they look like this? Robban
  5. Robban


    Hi, i need to know what kind of clips for attaching moldings at the rear fenders on a -55 Buick super i should have? :confused: Does anyone know? Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc. Robban
  6. I have it, but could not find the text in the book. /Robban
  7. Hey, what lubricates the timing chain? Robban
  8. Thanks for the answer, then this should be the original 322 engine
  9. hey I was wondering if anyone can help me to decipher my engine number 11700435, the engine sits in a -55 super. :confused: /Robban
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