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  1. I have a terrible vibration and I think that it may be my stock 1939 Willys universal joints. I haven't opened up the leather boot that protects the joint but I'm wondering if anyone can guide me on the best way to rebuild it and also keep it original. Or is it better to update the shaft and universal joint?
  2. My wife's parents passed away but they bought the house from Ernest Borgnine in 66. His name is still written in the concrete.
  3. Just so we are clear, this is a 1940 Willys Coupe Gasser
  4. I'm going to catch a lot of hell from the hot rodders but I am currently hunting for my next project, Porsche 356. There's something cool about them, it's strange how the car bug bites me and suddenly I'm in love.
  5. There is NO way I couldn't have done it without Lee Kay. http://www.kayskustommetalworks.com/1940-1941-willys-gallery
  6. Wait till you see the 33 Willys that I just dug up!! I'm such a cheap bastard.
  7. It's a great truck but I have to find her a new home, bills need to be paid. Stops and drive amazing, i rebuilt entire brake system and carb but the engine will need to be rebuilt at some point soon, it leaks a bit of oil and it's most likely never been rebuilt. A few bubbles in the paint but very solid.
  8. thank you! What does CLUM stand for, Column?
  9. i have these group of wires and don't know where thay go.
  10. does anyone have a wire diagram for a 30 plymouth U?
  11. I was digging in a box of parts that came with the car and found the ignition switch. I can't believe the coil is part of it, cool!
  12. Carter BB1 Updraft Carburetor Used on Chevrolet COE trucks, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars and marine applications. Also sold by Carter as a service replacement carburetor for earlier updraft models.
  13. what carb should I use on my 1930 plymouth U? any ideas who would have the proper one? lets hear a big hooray for the 4 cyl!
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