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  1. Are you still living in Mariposa? I'm interested but get no reply?
  2. Does anybody know if these items are still for sale
  3. I wonder if that will get the way of the fender skirts I'm planning on putting on. Don't want my tires to rub.
  4. Ok thanks. I'll wait for his response. And thank you for the links you sent. Very informative
  5. Do I just reply to this quote to show I'm interested in the part or is there a way to send a email? Sorry I'm new to this
  6. I'll consider swapping everything once I hear back from airy cat to see the condition of the diff he's selling. Not sure if I contacted him correctly to know if he received my reply to his sale post.
  7. Tons of info on the link. I read in another site that I can just change the carrier? Is the easy bolt in way you're talking about.
  8. Hello I'm interested in your 54' special differential. I'm looking to change my gear ratio on my 1941 Buick special sedanette 40 series. Do you know if that diff will work for that? Jake
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