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  1. From what I read as long as they're an anch and three quarters by twelve with an inch and an eighth wheel cylinders they will work. what shape are the drums in? Is there anything left to turn? I need the passenger side front backing plate.
  2. Christ, im sorry I obviously do not type well
  3. Is your 38 a L37 or a F37? Also awould yyou happen to have a drive shaft or a radiatoe? lol
  4. Give me a little time to look it up. I'm interested. Thank you very much. Dun
  5. I just joined. I'm looking for both front and rear brakes for my 37 business coupe. Also the passenger side backing plate. I havent found the center strip that goes in between the front winshield glass plates. In return I have extra parts from my car. Inside window trim, bumpers, both front and back, One louvered side panel that holds the headlight, other items. OH! does anyone know where I can get any chromed mounting clips? Im having an awful time finding them. Thanks! By the way I live in Wisconsin.
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