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  1. Hey thought you guys would get a kick out of this. My grandfather D. Clyngenpeel bought a 1947 Mercury coupe out of a guys front yard in Knightsville Indiana in 1957. It was green and the floors were full of water the interior was tired and the seller told him the transmission was blown. He doesn't remember what he paid for it thinks it was maybe $40 bucks or so he swapped in a 39 Ford top loader only to find out that it wasn't the transmission but the rear axle that was shot! So he left the 39 trans in place, rebuilt the rear axle, ripped out the soggy carpet, painted the rusty floor red,
  2. My grandfather's coupe found after being lost for 50 years!
  3. Hello all, I am in need of some items for my daily driver 40 Merc fordor. 1) pair of front door shells for a four door sedan 2) pair rear fenders 3) Window regulator assemblies all four doors prefer NOS or excellent used 4) Window channels all four doors prefer NOS or excellent used 5) 39/40 Mercury specific wiper arms, pair NOS or restorable 6) radio face plate 40 Merc specific (brown plastic similar to ford but with blue embossing and no chrome trim). I'm interested in any NOS or excellent Ford/Mercury parts specifically 40 Mercury stuff help me keep old girl on the road!
  4. It's all good I'm just bent out of shape over the deal I trusted when I should not have, now I'm angry! So I have to fix it now!
  5. Here is a photo how do you hate and love a gal at the same time HA!
  6. Clarification: The forward lever on the column will not move when manipulating the shift handle, the levers under the car can be manipulated as normal.
  7. The levers on the transmission seem to move normally I just can't seem to get the forward shift lever to function it just sits there and kinda wiggles. 1st and reverse are the only gears that will engage.
  8. My daily driver is a 1940 Mercury Eight fordor equipped with its stock 239 V8 and transmission. I am disgusted and frustrated because no one likes taking it in the shorts but I guess "caveat emptor" I've never even owned a modern car and have had issues with vintage tin in the past but it's only the "classics" I've ever wanted to punch! One thing after another! Ironic really I bought a 1926 Imperial E-80 five passenger, DISASTER! I had a 1931 Packard eight, DISASTER! Now I have a 1947 Lincoln continental coupe kicking my ass whereas my 40 just goes and goes. I guess there is a reason wh
  9. A little background I bought a 1947 Lincoln Continental coupe with it's original V12 3spd with a hefty down payment and a J.J. Best Banc loan when I returned from Afghanistan. I paid roughly 26K for the car and was assured that it was a good "driver quality" car that needed little and could be enjoyed as is eeehhhh no... I've driven the car successfully only three times in six months every other time it's come home on the back of a wrecker the car is a nightmare! Currently the shifter has failed I cannot get the car into 2nd or 3rd it will only shift into 1st and R. It started doing this w
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