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  1. Is that a nut in place of the butterfly screw?
  2. The issue is that that piece is spot welded to the fender itself, if I am remembering it right. I guess I could drill holes where the spot welds go and weld it back. This is the grill. It's all rough, but solid. I don't think I've got much chance on this stuff really. I can't seem to either get a call back from junkyards or their grills have been man handled (seriously I don't get this, you'd think junkyards would want to make money on this stuff instead of destroying it by dumping cars on top of cars, but I digress). There's a really nice yard in Idaho but I didn't even bother pursuing them since their prices seemed absurd to me, considering everything will need to be replated at some point.
  3. It's kind of been a while since my last update. Nothing has changed really. I've fallen out of contact with the big desert junkyard in Arizona and might have to settle for wet Washington junkyard fenders. However, I have a small dillema. The first fender has a big dent in the side of it, but it is complete and solid. The second fender has no dents and is solid, but is missing the spot welded triangle piece that holds it to the splash apron (and they want more money for it). These are my only two options right now barring shipping for some questionable parts. Any suggestions? I feel I can pound out the dent in the busted one, but it is creased so it will most likely need some bondo finishing. And, I have never done body work before. I don't have an image of the other car, but it is more or less perfect, just missing that one part. The fender is also rolled out on the bottom lip at the front of the wheel well, too. I'm thinking its going to be a lot of work? Also that piece below the turn indicator, with the little tab, is the piece missing off the good fender.
  4. Paint and interior are arguable the most expensive part of owning a car like this. The fact that the car is solid, rust free, complete and in good mechanical order would make this car worth it to me. The dents in the doors are a bit scary but shouldn't be too hard to get it from the inside of the door.
  5. Sometimes the magnets can fall out of alignment and get stuck. I've been told you can just easily massage it once apart to get it loose again. If its not spinning with a new cable, and the odometer isn't working, I'd try and pull the speedo sender out of the Dynaflow and see if it still has teeth.
  6. I think all the kits are the same, I got mine from CARS.
  7. Fill one sink with ice water and the other with hot water and dip them back and forth.
  8. If your balls are worn, where would you source new ones?
  9. When you get a chance, try plugging off the brake light switch with a brass plug and bleeding again. A cheap one I bought from Kanter had issues with the switch that gave me a spongey pedal, like it had trapped something inside of it. Before getting rid of it altogether, I replaced the switch with one from NAPA and the pedal feel got firmer. It was even more firm when I plugged it and went to a push button. My most recent exchange was a leaky wheel cylinder, where upon inspection, the cylinder had pitted around the piston and was letting minute amounts of fluid past the piston. The leak was barely noticeable since the rubber boot did a good job of containing it, but after chasing a weak pedal for a couple weeks, I found the culprit. Your mufflers sound nice! I just got around to seeing the video. The exhaust guys must get sad when you ask for quiet, instead of the Flowmaster/Magnaflow 2.5" exhaust. How hard some places push, you'd think they were getting commission for the mufflers sold. What did they stick under there, Walkers?
  10. I got the one from CARS three years ago and its still working pretty good. I think all the ones on the market come from the same place. Just make sure it has the sock at the bottom of it. If you buy one, you could look into cutting the shaft and making an in pump electric fuel pump out of the sending unit.
  11. I rebuilt mine, it was pretty warranted. The cups wear after a while and can make the idler arm and pitman arm ball socket a little loose. At least, mine had some slop. When you take it apart, there is a center spacer in there that is used to space the cups from left to right. Mine was just a solid mass of old grease that needed a punch to break out. It couldn't hurt, and the kit isn't expensive.
  12. Thought to be lost forever, we've finally found the title.
  13. I would buy the MSD distributor because it has the pin out for timing control. I can have my distributor retrofit to HEI, but I do not think I can wire it to be controlled by an ECM? I'll have to do some more research. Regarding carbs, there is a 2347S on eBay right now that is an exact match to mine. I will see if I can snag it as my last foray into carburetors. Honestly, I like fiddling with carburetors, I just do not like the car dying at a drive thru window or intersection. Or having to compensate for years of wear and tear. I'd like to say with my limited knowledge and experience, I'm pretty good at setting a carb. But the ancient tech is slowly wearing on me. About gas, I've never had an issue until last year with vapor lock. But I don't want to do any work arounds, either. My car was never meant to be a show queen, it is meant to be enjoyed and while I am not keen on changing too much, some things I don't have a problem changing. Like for instance, getting rid of this boat anchor gear box that was supposedly fixed. Jon, sorry I have not gotten back to you about my carb btw. I have been sitting on the kit for a while. Circumstances have kind of shifted my focus elsewhere recently. But from what I can see from the kit supplied, the air horn to choke housing gasket is different.
  14. I have been waiting some years for something like this to show up on the market. A reliable dual quad system to sit on top of the AFB intake manifold that doesn't require mounting an ECU. Once I get this mess sorted out with the insurance company. looks like I'll need to invest in an MSD distributor, a clean alternator installation, and finalize the starter switch (didn't think about this before, but why not TWO brake light switches in parallel, one for lights and the other for the starter, grounded through an oil pressure switch??) This is actually really exciting, I'm hoping to see other manufacturers follow.
  15. I had nothing but bad luck with these. That's why I just deleted it all together and added the push button switch GM used for 40 years since the 60s. To each their own, but I went through two switches before going to the push button. Here's hoping you have better luck!
  16. The one that looks "correct" is not a truck motor... it is a sedan model. Would be great to see some pics though!
  17. I have a piece of literature that says 215/75R15, I'll have to snap a photo when I'm home next.
  18. Hey Kosage, great to see you back on the Buick! When you get a chance and you remove the AC bracket, can you scan it with a computer printer? (Like tape it with masking tape, then tap out the holes and stuff and scan it with a blanket over the top). I'd like to see about making one. I did something similar to this making a oil pan for the formula club and it worked great! All you need is the scan, then you convert it to a DXF drawing and you just take the measurement between two holes to scale it up. Works pretty well! You could make a quality reproduction that way. I guess the hardest part would be getting the side that goes to the head bolt. It also looks like you have the support that goes to the intake manifold, too. Very cool!
  19. Wait hold up a second, you put a 57 truck wiper on your Century and it was near bolt on? Pictures please!
  20. The Tour X and Sportback are supposed to have the same amount of cargo capacity if using the trunk cover, at least that's what the sales rep told me. I hope Buick adopts this style. I've felt their sedan styling has been lacking ever since they dropped the stamped sweep spear body. The Regals are sporty, which is what Buick needs in America. Not that it matters, majority of Buick sales come from China, so the company isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  21. I really like the new Regal. It's much better looking now that it isn't a station wagon. I'm not really concerned about these packages, though, because I plan on buying the Regal GS with the 3.6L V6.
  22. No road salts here. Im really just looking for a firm fit on the windshield. Also let me tell you, rain-x does absolutely nothing when you get de-icer on your windshield. That's why I was asking about quality spray nozzles. I have cam-o-matic bezels. I'm pretty sure they are the same as normal 40-60 bezels, but the nozzles I got from Fusick were too small for the original threads.
  23. I know this is going to be one of those questions because not everyone drives in the rain, but what do you guys use for wiper blades? I have a set of classic series from NAPA right now, but it doesn't put positive pressure on the center of the blade and is kind of useless. Also what is everyone doing for washer nozzles? Mine work, but only if I take them out, poke and prod with a needle and blow them out. Its like the chrome is de-laminating inside the hole.
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