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  1. Hehe, that's the problem. Drums are shot and the pits in the wheel cylinders are pitted past honing. Plus, ball bearings cost an arm and a leg compared to better efficient roller bearings. Parts for disc brakes are far cheaper too. I guess what's keeping me from wanting to go drums is the bearings, though. Could I put roller bearings in the drum or does it have to be ball?
  2. My grandfather recently gifted me his 1956 Buick Century 2-door Hardtop, which hasn't run since 1979, to restore. He bought it in 1956 in Detroit and my grandmother drove it off the assembly line when it was finished. Now that I'm getting into the whole restoration bit, I thought I'd start with the brakes. It may not run, but it can still move and I want it to stop. It has stock drums with the Delco Moraine power brake system. I want to get the best bang for my buck and have considered a full disc conversion and replacing the power booster MC system. The disc system isn't so much a problem as I've seen Scarebird's products, it's moreso the MC/booster system. I've been doing a lot of research and can't seem to find a good conversion for a new booster with a dual reservoir MC. This is most important because it determines what I'll do with the car. I want the dual reservoir MC because I've heard the single reservoir MC is a bad thing to stick with in case the brake line fails. I also want to do this with as little modification the the firewall and placement of booster as possible. If I can't find a dual reservoir MC, though, will a single reservoir MC be reliable? Other than the brake lines failing, are there other accident prone issues I should know about? Will the Delco Moraine power brake booster work with a disc conversion? I just pulled the brake booster today to inspect it and it had a rebuild sticker on it from the early 60s where my grandfather apparently rebuilt the brake system. However, the wheel cylinders had pits in them. Should I expect this with the brake booster/MC unit? Before I pulled the unit, I pushed down on the brake pedal and it pumped fluid through the lines (yes, fluid from before 1979 I was unaware of), and the pedal came back up easily. Thanks in advance, guys! I come here a lot to skim and I finally got around to making an account because I have questions to ask.
  3. I'm new to the nostalgic world of classic Buicks. My grandfather gave his 56 Century that's been sitting in the car port since 1979 to get running so here I am.
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