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  1. A few more photos from the 2013 Hershey Fall Meet. Juniors at Hershey Youth Program Awards Banquet Saturday Show Cars Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday - Load In Day
  2. Photos from the 2013 Rolling Art on Wheels AACA Eastern National Fall Meet are available on the Hershey Region Facebook Page. Saturday Show Cars Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday - Load In Day
  3. I know that security does try to stop the bikes. However some people that ride them don't care. They get told about it and will walk their bike around a corner out of sight of the security and then get back on and ride it again. Does anyone have authority to take the bikes away and / or fine someone if they are caught riding it? I think that would be the only way you will be able to stop it. But, we have to say that will so many people there most do follow the rules.
  4. The Hershey Region has many photos from the Fall Meet posted on their Facebook page too. Tuesday - 2012 Hershey Fall Meet - Tuesday Load In Day | Facebook Wednesday - 2012 Hershey Fall Meet - Tuesday Load In Day | Facebook Thursday - 2012 Fall Meet - Thursday | Facebook Friday - 2012 Hershey Fall Meet - Friday | Facebook Saturday photos will soon be posted
  5. Charlie, I know the answer to this one. Both the Trans Am and the Model A were in the banquet room at the Hershey Lodge on Saturday. It has been customary for the feature cars to be displayed at the awards banquet Saturday night. They get moved into the banquet room Friday evening and are judged there. The Trans Am is owned by Deb Sherwood and she is the original owner of it. The Model A is owned by Warren Keller, both are Hershey Region members and both drive their cars on Hershey Region runs and events.
  6. One year the Hershey Region put up a tent in the Chocolate Field near their cider tent as a rest area. It might not have been marked very well because very few people used it.
  7. Since this meet is a partnership with Auctions America by RM does that mean we will have to pay and admission to get in?
  8. My comment about not wanting to drive a Model T was because of it's age and not being able to keep up with traffic. If you're driving a Model T I have a lot of respect for you. I think that is just great that you keep it out on the road. Around here in PA. it's hard to drive that old of a car anymore. Most roads are to crowded with aggressive drivers and its hard to find all back roads to take you places. Although I guess they are there if you look hard enough. ( I'd love a ride in the Stanley Steamer!)
  9. Thinking back over the past few years it seems that when we have our monthly summer runs that include an activity of some sort, like a driving tour or going to a museum, we get a lower turn out. When the run consists of going someplace and just eating we get a higher turnout. Sometimes I get the feeling that our membership only attends the runs because they feel obligated to, or they feel like they are forced to attend. It’s frustrating to put together a run and then see people leaving while taking their last bite of desert. The sad thing is those that attend just for the sake of attending and really don’t want to be there seem to bring down the attitude of the entire group. Personally I’d rather have 50 people that truly want to be there instead of 100 people that feel that must be there. It also seems that the ones that truly want to participate and have fun are also the ones that will drive their antique car. Unless the day is a wash out then it is understandable why the old cars don’t come out.
  10. We have tried that, all they do is complain about it being a cheap gift.
  11. Yesterday our region had a very nice chicken bar b que run. We had a good turn out of people, however we had a poor turn out of antique cars. How do you encourage people to participate with their antique cars? Most of our members now have antique cars from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but yet they still won't drive them. I can understand not wanting to drive a Model T, but an '84 Chevy would pretty much be like driving a modern car. Anyone have any ideas on how to get them to participate?