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  1. Will do. Thanks for the help. Anyone know of any good trans shops in Dallas Texas area?
  2. That's definitely what I wanted to hear. I would love to keep the dynaflow and get plenty more miles out if it. The car is pretty much all original and it would be great to keep that integrity. I will definitely look into it closer and get the seals replaced. I apreciate your feedback
  3. Yea I realize that it would be a big custom job. But since I would like to keep the car and make it a dependable cruiser a new rear end and trans may out weigh a re-build. I wish it was a carb issue but I have to drive it in low even when warm for about ten minutes before I can switch to high. Not a huge issue. Just weighing my options for down the road. It's leaking at the trans and at the end of the tube near the rear end. Thought it was rear fluid but after putting it on the lift it's def trans fluid. I guess another option would be try and locate a parted out dynaflow. I don't mind the dynaflow just want to keep it dependable
  4. I am having some trouble with reverse and leaks. I also have to warm it up to switch from low drive... Which I hear that is pretty common with dynaflow. I believe It's original so not sure how much she has left. I hear the re build is expensive so I was curious if a new trans and maybe rear end would be a better route.
  5. I am planning on pulling out the dynaflow trans out of my 56 special 4dr. I have a 322 nailhead in it and plan on keeping it in. Any advice on the best trans and/or if there is a good overdrive trans that could fit? Thanks