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  1. Im restoring a 65 Impala 4dr,ht postless for my fathers surprise retirement! And that cruise control unit would suit him well. If you still have it and figure out what your asking price is, IM VERY INTERESTED!!!! Also looking for an original dash pad or anything else if price is right. Only got 1yr 3mths left to finish!
  2. Believe my bumper quest has been answered. After a chat with the author of the book on Flxible Tom Mcpherson, I was told the reason for a different bumper was that because the cars(body number 1115) was the second Flxette built for the 1961 model year and the first landau made that year. There were only 7 Flxette Straight End-loading Funeral Cars built in 1961 and mine was the first sold and delivered in 1961. It appears that a few of the early cars (at least mine and its immediate predecessor) were fitted with standard Buick rear bumpers as seen on the Lesabre and Electra. Buick decision was
  3. Hi everyone! I had been recently told about another 61 Flxible for sale that tweeked my interest BUT, the Flxible tag has 3 missing digits! Not rusted or hard to read but just not there! The tag is supposed to read (FB610L-61) not just (FB610) and another thing is the production # I cannot tell what the 3rd digit is(11&4) mine reads (1115) damb thats close! But here is the picture of the tag and mine as well! Just REALLY curious to know why as I would really like to go bring her home but living in canada thats a long drive for nothing!
  4. Awsome, Thanks alot mike! Just enlarged the pictures on the plasma (That is one sweet machine)!!! Do you have a special name for it?? Thanks, Raymond.
  5. Thank you Mike!! Very happy to have pics like these on my wall of the shop! Thanks for the info, send you a picture after I get it all together!
  6. Thanks Mike!! This thing i've had for Pro Cars has been brought back to life since my dream has been answered, but the thing i've had for classic wagons has never had the chance to fade away! I am astonished by the condition of your 62 Olds Dynamic(incredible). After 35yrs on the planet i have finally sunk into the transformation, my shop over the past month has had alot of local attention due to the new arrival and the pictures of classic wagons and Pro Cars i have collected! Next question is: do I have your permission to put your name and info into a picture for the wall of my shop? Thanks
  7. Beautiful Wagon! Maybe you could put up a couple more of the interior and engine bay please? Impressive car!
  8. Think I just sat here for 15min in a gaze at the screen totally dumbfounded! When i see a very clean original classic go by it catch's my eye everytime doesnt matter what make it is, but there is this huge part of me that just wants to sit and stare in wonderous thought when I see these weathered pieces of automobile history! Love it
  9. Thanks for your really nice comment! I never imagined that owning a professional car could be so interesting and the history behind them is amazing! Wish i had what you have in your colletion very impressive and beautiful! Thanks again
  10. Thanks a million! I am absolutly in love with this car, and the more time i spend here at this site the more i realize why its so special me! I have had so many really nice people (including yourself) make the nicest comments about something i own, just blows me away! As for a name: the first time i walked into the barn and seen the car i said "you are absolutly coming home with me today you sweetheart". Now every morning when i walk into the shop its "good morning sweetheart" I think I named it before the cash exchanged hands!!! She's my SWEETHEART!! I even talk to her when there are people
  11. I am very sorry:o. I had a HUGE brain fog(how embarrassing:o)!!! I have no excuse other than all these REALLY helpfull and nice people here blowing my head up with all their nice remarks:D. I apologize if I offended you in any way!
  12. Thanks Centurion! I believe i have seen your photos of your collection of Buicks and Flxible Buicks. Im at a loss for words and wish i could sum it up in just one (amazing,incredible,beautiful,wonderful.......). Wish I had a collection like that!! Very impressing, and very lucky man. I tip my hat to you, two BIG THUMBS UP! May i ask what got you into the 1960 Buicks? Im flattered that a Man who has such a collection will wow my car, every day I feel like im on top of the world but then i get comments like yours and get lifted again!! Thank you and i absolutly LOVE your collection!
  13. I dont own a wildcat but my 61 Buick hearse does have the same engine and trans in it! Just poked in to say congrats on your Buick and I can REALLY understand when you say you LOVE IT!! Just picked mine up a couple months ago! You should enjoy your time here at this site they are great here, helping,commenting,congradulating...... My understanding is that most Buick people are on the way to the meet in Ohio and told that this site will blow up crazy with Buick people in the next week after returing home. I have been an active member here for a week or two and the help I have recieved from memb
  14. I hope im not over doing this car but the piece of history just amazes me and the replies im recieving for everyone is GREAT. Never thought that there would be such an interest in something I own. I know the car is special to me but to get all the congatulations from everyone else makes it even more special. May have to add another bedroom to the house! or connect the shop to the house(wife says move to the shop your there most of the time talkin to your mistress). I have been asked if i have the original Flxible tag on the car with orginal the engine and trans(yes i do) and here are a couple
  15. Thank you for your time to share this info with me!
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