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  1. Maybe this one could still be brought back to original??

    This one would be a great car but due to the mentioned v8 air cleaner, I bet its also sub-framed and other such monstrosities that go along with it. Under that skin its probably nothing more than a 70s Camaro or mustang 2. Good looking car though.

  2. What all is out there book wise that a young guy wanting to learn about Packards should look into getting? I really like the 1935-1940 cars the most. I know I will have to get the Packard bible sounds like a good read.

  3. Hmm they do look right and there used to be a Chrysler products dealaership here in Pandora,Ohio Only reason I know is cause i occasionally work the guy that owns it now tearing apart little mgbs and triumphs. Guy that used to live at my house drove nothing but Dodges so maybe that is what these are from. Also found out that Buick had 17inch wheels at some point.

  4. I'm a young guy very into old cars, a yard that I frequent actually has a few old cars come in occasionally and alot of abandoned project cars. The oldest I've seen was 40s. The yard owner has a friend that he gives all the old cars to to take home and try and sell whatever will sell on craigslist,ebay,etc. I think its awsome cause they have sold whole cars. If any of you guys are gonna scrap any 1948 Buick parts let me know. Also looking for any stright 8 buick era buick parts.

  5. Okay, I found out about two months ago they're called "Tonks", short for Tonka, as in "Tonka Toy", denoted by the over sized wheels.

    The way I see it, it's only paint, suspension and seat-covers, and probably a wreck to begin with, but when I see a real bastardization like this:


    I feel ill, or this:

    that ran naturally aspirated to 150+ at bonneville with an inline 8 and the factory 3 speed there is another team that has a supercharger on theirs and barely were faster than this guy. i plan on rodding my inline 8 and making a lead sled. the only thing that should make u ill is that this guy is faster,will get more attention for his car, has less in it than u, and definetly has more fun.garage queens blow

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