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  1. This one would be a great car but due to the mentioned v8 air cleaner, I bet its also sub-framed and other such monstrosities that go along with it. Under that skin its probably nothing more than a 70s Camaro or mustang 2. Good looking car though.
  2. What all is out there book wise that a young guy wanting to learn about Packards should look into getting? I really like the 1935-1940 cars the most. I know I will have to get the Packard bible sounds like a good read.
  3. Hmm they do look right and there used to be a Chrysler products dealaership here in Pandora,Ohio Only reason I know is cause i occasionally work the guy that owns it now tearing apart little mgbs and triumphs. Guy that used to live at my house drove nothing but Dodges so maybe that is what these are from. Also found out that Buick had 17inch wheels at some point.
  4. These may have even been chrome at some point too cause there are some spots where you can see copper and it has tarnished. Thanks for the info guys anyone want them or know what they're worth? I don't have anything they fit.
  5. I'm a young guy very into old cars, a yard that I frequent actually has a few old cars come in occasionally and alot of abandoned project cars. The oldest I've seen was 40s. The yard owner has a friend that he gives all the old cars to to take home and try and sell whatever will sell on craigslist,ebay,etc. I think its awsome cause they have sold whole cars. If any of you guys are gonna scrap any 1948 Buick parts let me know. Also looking for any stright 8 buick era buick parts.
  6. These are 17inch with a 7 inch opening. Ive heard they could be lions or spats but no positive id. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have the gearset you are looking for if all you want is the ring and pinion it doesn't howl that I know of had the rear axle spinning but it was on stands so it wast really under load. Pm me with an offer if your serious I will pull and send pics.
  8. i think the car would be restorable, where im from floors are a common thing that body looks very clean shame to kill it
  9. somebody save it i love the 46-48 body lines i wish i could save it but it would need glass and have to be mechanically sound so i could replace my 87 cutlass supreme with it
  10. If you want some i have both they just need rechromed or spectra chromed other than that theyre fine pm me or call or text 419 890 3345
  11. pm me really all i need is the shell with good vins and title
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