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  1. I'm looking for one like this, I would like to know if all that trim is factory or custom. This was on jalopyjournal.com for $1200 but it was in NY and the shipping costs would have been outrageous. I had the cash for the car but not the shipping.
  2. I think I will just wanted to make sure it was legit and not just general guide. Thanks for the info! Thats also a very nice stable of Buicks you have there. 1938 is my favorite year for prewar production.
  3. Thanks I will have to check out the PCS and I love that video that car would be really nice with a paint job. I have always thought that hearses/flower cars in general were under appreciated classics.
  4. I've got a 1947 special 2 door aerosedan, Does it cover just mechanical or body and interior too? How much stuff is in it related to my 47? Sorry for asking so many questions but I didn't want to buy it if has little or no information for me to use. .
  5. I have a dream to some day own one of these beautiful monsters. I chased down a lead locally only to find out it had been scrapped 12 years ago. I just wondering if anyone has production numbers and maybe knows how often they pop up for sale and usual going price. Also feel free to post any of the pics you may have of ones from 46-48 in any shape. As I will use them for future restoration purposes.
  6. I know what you mean, I redid a dash on a 66 cadillac on the cheap for a friend in the black "Angel Hair" material and was newb enough to think that $18.99 bought the whole roll I was thinking man thats a hell of good price. Then the lady informed me it was by the yard and steered me to a %50 off coupon. I walked away with 3 yards instead. I did look at their foam too and thought it was a little pricey for the quality. Anyone know of good wholesale places with good products at a decent price? I want to get into doing upholstery someday. What sewing machine did you use matt? Or was it by hand?
  7. I just want to know if any of you guys have bought or used the 1929-52 reprint interchange guide from classicbuicks.com? Says it covers 1929-52 Chevrolet,Buick,Pontiac, and Oldsmobile. Pros? Cons? How in depth does it get? Just curious before I spring the $20 for it.
  8. Anyone like or use parts123.com? I see possibilities for future use. Not alot of action there now but there could be if enough people get hip to it. I found some itneresting parts on there for reasonable prices. Its free to post your own parts too.
  9. Just read all of this thread and I have to say that you do amazing work and your motivation and lack of fear are inspiring me for my 1947 special. I lucked out on the floors being pretty solid but it still needs a lot of rust work. Out of curiosity what ever happened to the 56c you started with(said it was being stored outside and then never heard about it again)? Future resto? I was originally planning to be at this years BCA in south bend but due to a very bad wiring harness and needing a complete mechanical over hau at the leastl with my budget I may have to wait till it comes around my ar
  10. That would be great, ewing has one too but shipping costs from Canada could get exspensive.
  11. Hey bill where are you in Ohio? Got any spares from the super you dont need or want?
  12. Thanks! I love the gm aero sedans. Also if anyone has leads on on 2 not heavily pitted rims with all the tabs pm me!
  13. Well it finally arrived last friday, I've been trying to get this car off the same guy I bought my old 48 roadmaster from for 2 years. It came with a trailer load of roadmaster parts too(trim,motor,trans,rear end,front a arms with brakes, and a ton of misc stuff). I even got a good title with this one;). Its gonna be a lot of work but when im finished she will be one slick ride. I have the front bumper, but no grill or head light rings. Someone put covers on the seats close to when it was new so they are actually in good shape. If anyone has leads on the missing parts let me know( I could real
  14. I have to admit it didn't take long for craigslist to take quite a chunk out of ebay and I think it has them running scared. Just think you get 5 or 6 more sites with the craigslist format of free posting, ebays auction format(with no listing fee), and cater to specific subjects. Basically some one needs to make one specifically for classic cars and parts and market the **** out of it. Like the roman empire eventually ebay will become to big and greedy then it will crumble. Who is gonna be there with the idea that takes its place?????
  15. I'm just wondering if the newer series of classic hollander interchange manuals(1930s-46 and 42?-56 and maybe some of the 60s ones) are any good. The old ones seem to be priceless for information just wondering if these are the same or if they have had stuff cut out? Also do they cover strictly mechanical or body/trim/ and other parts as well? Thanks
  16. I did see it! Now i'm just trying to find out more info on the new hollander manuals. Think I might look in general disucussion or start a post there if there isn't one already.
  17. As another young guy(20) and having driven more than a few of the more beaten classics I can say you best bets are not going to be anything big block related or fullsize. By the sounds of you likes you are gonna want something simple and stripped down like a ford falcon, dodge dart,plymouth duster, and other cars of the small and midsize catagory with a 6 or small v8. I can attest that falcons are easily maintained and dirt cheap to run and repair. They are also easily found and you have juckyards you can scrounge goodies(like granada disc brakes). I would not suggest trying to drive in LA wit
  18. I turned up nill for CL in my area but in a small rural area its to be exspected unless I posted a wanted add. So I was just on hollanders website and was wondering if anyone has used their new stuff? They have domestic for 1930s-48,46-56, and others that go into the 60s. Are these as good as the old ones?
  19. I would like to know if there is a interchange manual or something to know what parts were shared on the 2 door aero sedans betweem the other gm brands? I know mounting holes for trim and tailights may be different but I need a rear drivers side fender in a bad way. I've been told that buick,oldsmobile, chevrolet, and pontiac all have the same body parts and some trim and other small parts from the cowl back. This would also mean patch panel avalibity would be much more readily available.
  20. Thanks for all the encouragement guys! I just wanted to make sure that way I didn't drive there and get turned away at the gate. Anways this special is soilid foundtion as the floor boards and trunk floor are pretty good. As a warning it was in a junkyard before the guy I bought it from got it from 13 years ago. Its sat out for a long time as far as i can tell as there is very little paint left. Again thanks for the encouragement. I wish I still had my 48 roadmaster 4 door sedan but I was unable to get a title for it.
  21. So I have a question, I just picked up a 47 special that is a parts car to most. Its rusty! But If I redid the mechanicals(mainly the brakes as it does run)and made it presentable do you allow patina or projects in the early stages to be let into the show? I know this seems to be a more upscale finished car thing so I just wanted to know if I should even try to shoot for this as a date to be ready by or just take my daily driver and have fun walking around? I love the Buick marque so a BCA membership is in my future for sure. I'm a younger guy so its a budget thing till I can really afford to
  22. So I am in need of a grill for a 1947 Buick Special 2 door aero sedan. I know buick kinda left the specials one year behind occasionally in style and mechanicals so will the grill I need be the 46 style grill with the flatter style bars or the later style grill like my 48 roadmaster grille that was shorter and the teeth were more curved and set back? Also is theyre a difference in bolt patters/fit between a roadmaster,super, and the special?
  23. Asked for pics a while back still waiting on a reply if you have any please email me at burman_982@hotmail.com thanks!
  24. I actually really like this car but what kills it for me is those god awful Lincoln headlights. I have yet to see them used on anything and look good.
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