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  1. Does anyone have a breakdown of average prices on individual pieces?
  2. I really like the fuel mileage your getting, If I could get that I would drive mine daily. This is something I will keep in mind for future possibilities. Have you done any cityvs highway figures yet?
  3. Thanks guys I figured it would get mixed emotions, I was actually just thinking of how to try and mount the wood kit without putting holes in the body. That would be one of the last mods I would do but I just love the way they look. Really classy. This is not a for sure thing yet either I may take the car back to stock too. This car will not get parted it will stay with me for a good while maybe even life.I really love the 46-48 buicks I really wish I could have gotten a title for the 48 4 door Roadmaster I used to have. That's the only thing that could separate me from this car is another 47-
  4. By the way out of blue thought I just had, is that the factory location for my ignition coil on the fire wall??? My roadmasters was on the motor and I've seen a few special motors advertised as being out of 47 and they had the coil on the block. Wondering if someone maybe mounted it there for some reason?
  5. If I may what did this setup end up costing you? I got on there website and didn't see anything for straight 8s so just wondering if it cost you more for a custom setup?
  6. I don't plan to alter the car much visually or pull the straight 8. Just want to add accessories,lower it like the cars in the above pics,and some exhaust. 2 wildest things im gonna do would be the factory 41 dual carb intake/split exhaust manifolds and maybe do a leather interior but in a traditional style with the previously mentioned steering wheel and horn button change. I don't think I'm gonna ruin this car per say as I don't think as a full restoration project anyone would take it on. It would be a parts car at best to most. My plan Was for black paint with a darker green leather interio
  7. Thanks I also would like to lower it a little bit with some lowering springs/ drop spindles, right now its got an nose down stance out of the 70s all the tires are the same height and I've got different rollers on it now than my profile pics show.
  8. Build it whichever way you think you won't be saying"man I wish I would have...." In a few years when the nice one is all done up. If it were me I would keep the nice one as is hold onto the other as a parts car till another good body came around as stated earlier. But alas there is always gonna be a small part of you wishing you would have done it whichever way you don't end up going. It's hard battle.
  9. Ok so I'm kinda torn on a totally stock resto on my 47, I would really like to have things like a 41 Buick horn button, 41 Buick dual intake and exhaust setup, maybe a later (47-48) non banjo style Roadmaster wheel. Some mufflers with some real sound like porters or even as far as straight pipes. I think me and my dad who is an excellent wood worker could make our own country club style wood kit like the aftermarket ones that I've seen some lowrider guys use on the 46-48 Chevy Fleetlines. Just wondering how lightly modified vehicles are accepted or would I just get told I ruined a good car? I
  10. It's a nice save don't get discouraged, if that car was in that shape and up north at that price it would have been gone by now. If there was a way I could sell my buick and pay for the shipping costs on yours I would but Ohio is far shot from Texas. I don't no why but most people seem to shun the 4 door models too especially the specials.
  11. nice plug:) I don't know what one of these is worth but I just know that aren't exactly common and figured maybe someone would want it. He had 2 at one point and sold the other. So someone into Bricklins may already know about this car. This one wasn't for sale at that time. I think its been sitting for 10 years. He keeps it well trimmed around the car usually.
  12. I don't have pics but I've seen the car and guy wants to sell. $5500 its got 8300 miles. It has been sitting a long time out in the weather so Its not the nicest. Its located in Rimer, Ohio on 189. You really can't miss it. Serious inquiries only his number is 419 642 5655
  13. That Interior looks pretty clean! I would at least think that someone could use this as a parts car for another special. If you weren't 4 hours 1 way from me I would have taken it off your hands. Seriously before you go the scrap route try parting it out here, craigslist, or thehamb.com Someone out there is looking for some parts. Heck run one add in hemmings see what happens.
  14. That is awesome! Really wish i had that 47-48 grill:rolleyes:
  15. What Color is the interior? I may be interested in the steering wheel depending o color and condition.
  16. My manual says nothing of how to remove it either. With the bolt out is it possible to get a timing gear puller with the proper tip to fit and pull the balancer? My uncle is into all sorts of old tractors and he rigged up a timing chain puller that with the arms he built wraps around the back side of the a balancer, the extended arms have 1/3 of circle made of 1/2 plate welded to them. The ends of these have been machined to 1/4 inch so that they slip together and overlap. Then he drilled 3, 1/4 inch holes for locking pins. He has made lots of arms to fit various size balancers but his rule of
  17. I will see what my 48-49 shop manual says, I'll reprint it here word for word tomorrow.
  18. Whats wrong with the old 248? Just asking. Some one more knowing will chime in here but I believe these motors how differnt style motor mounts if I am correct 47 and back had one mount in the front and 48 and forward midmotor on the sides? Lastly be sure that you have a 263 that was in front of a stick shift not a dynaflow as the they are different in the bellhousing?, crankshaft, and rear main seal size.
  19. I never tried the starter but thats because all the wiring for it is missing. If I remember right these are positive ground? Anyways I only tried with a 2 foot breaker bar on the crank with no results. I'm gonna pull the plugs when it gets a little warmer out and see what i've got going on the the cylinders rust wise. If I don't see anything I will move on to the marvel mystery oil and so on routine. Laslty would the jarring force of an impact be of any use at all or the straight force of a breaker or pry bar?
  20. So the stock 248 in my buick is stuck probably due to the hood being off the car for 10 years outside and nothing more than a rock and a peice of rubber over the carb. I've seen a few posts here that suggested marvel mystery oil or various other fluids and lots of soaking. But due to even the carb being frozen up solid from the elements, wouldn't it just be better for me to pull the motor and trans for a teardown? I'm gonna have it hot tanked anyways to clean out all the oil passeges and coolant. Basically is it worth the effort now to see if it will turn or just avoid doing any damage and go
  21. That would be in my driveway right now if it wasn't so far away. Hope someone buys this one even just for parts.
  22. Thanks guys I'm actually looking for the 248 version right now and more down the road. I know its for 47 but I want a more factory looking upgrade than a dual exhaust tube style header and whatever could be rigged up as a multicarb intake. Again thanks its good to know ranges on the complete setups.
  23. I am starting to look for one of these and I just want to know what is the average going rate for a comeplete dual carb intake with the dual exhaust manifolds go for? I've seen 1 sold at $250 1 at $500 1 at $800 complete with air cleaner and lastly there is a guy on teambuick.com trying to unload one with a bent air cleaner for $1500. What is the realistic price for these to sell at? Also does anyone have an idea of price on the individual peices? I was just offered a rear carb for $150. I've tried looking up old ebay adds and old for sale adds to see what the prices were of the ones that sold
  24. What is the name of that book and author? Thanks for that info
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