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  1. Don't sell it plain and simple, I peruse craigslist quite often for all sorts of cars just to see what's out there and prices things are going for. I can personally tell you that over %80 of the vintage cars that get sold to the guy that wants to put large rims on it. Get bought, Get those rims, usually a sound system, crappy interiors and plenty of hacking and half assed fixes to keep it going. Then they sit and rot. Your car is too low mileage for this kind of thing. I've seen a couple really nice cars(1975-76 gm cars(impala,lesabre,electra, ETC.) that were very nice original cruisers 1 of w
  2. Yes the deville interior is different from the calais. I think I'm gonna have to order material and have the covers made as no where seems to make covers for the Calais. I will keep that in mind on the convertable decklid and I was kinda wondering the same thing knowing that covertables have all sorts of extra bracing and might differ in the trunk area specifically due to needed a place for the folded down top to go. The car is in a junkyard I know of and was parked sometime in the 1980s with the top halfway up. Its a parts car for sure but I figure there are some convertable specific parts le
  3. I'm gonna pull all the ac components for now, bag tag, and store along with blocking off the tubes for the main housing. Save weight and I don't plan on having ac anyways as I've always been a windows down if its nice(sometimes even in the rain) kinda guy. The hood with some minor patchwork would be good, bottom rear quarters on both sides are solid. I have a line on another trunk lid but might just buy the whole car to part out that its on as its a 1967 convertable Deville. For now I'm gonna bend the corners back down and use a screw driver to open it. I'm gonna have to buy new seat covers fo
  4. She is it really good shape for a $600 Cadillac no rot in the floors or trunk. I'm the 3rd owner. I have the original service manual with protecto plate, original owners manual, and the original bill of sale. Nanabelle Rudd was the older lady who bought this car new after her husbands death. This car stayed with her until june of 2011 where after she stopped driving it it was put up on blocks for 26 years in her garage. The older gent I bought it from had plans of restoring it as his last ride, sadly he had money stashed in the trunk and the wrong people got wind of it. So they broke into the
  5. Sadly I sold this car but my intention was not so much to modify any more so than what could have been done right when it was sold originally but just lower it, hop up the motor a little,exhaust, and that country club kit. I'm gonna hold onto the roadmaster parts I have stashed and wait for a 1948 Roadmaster 4 door sedan to pop up. I want another one like the one I had just without a dynaflow.
  6. The interior in my 1967 Calais(hardtop) is actually a little more elegant than what was in my 1966 Calais(hardtop) There is actually more brushed stainless in the 67 and I find the quality to be a little nicer. The dash board isn't even cracked! But someone cut up the back seat with a knife and thats a story in itself.
  7. Im not completely done with buicks, in the end I finally came to the realization that I bought the special for the roadmaster parts that came with it. I loved my original 48 roadmaster sedan. I want another one when I can find a really good one, really worth restoring. You're right flattop in the notion that I wanted a driver. That Buick was gonna take a while and in the end decided it needed a new home. This caddy is gonna be my first amature resto doing a little at a time and keeping it driveable. I've gotta do brakes,tires, and a gas tank. Then she will be at least cruise worthy. She is on
  8. So I know you guys were hoping to see my Buick come into its own, but I just watched it leave on a trailer yesterday. After much thought and a junk engine(badly rusted cyclinder walls) I decided that all the parts in my storage unit would in the end make a better car than a base model special. I greatly miss my 48 roadmaster 4 door. I was thinking to myself Ill just sell the 47 and find another 4 door roadmaster! While my search will go on for the right car something with ok paint and interior but maybe a bad motor or less drivetrain. Someone offered me a considerable amount more than I had in
  9. As a young guy who got 1994 lesabre as a first car I can say that you should probably dirve the car yourself and find something else for your son. I don't know your son personally but I know for a fact that I got in plenty of trouble with a fwd lesabre with just the v6. If I had a rwd v8 I would have probably lost my license more than just the one time I did. I know kids are gonna have fun no matter what but a car of that size with v8 power and rwd is asking for many a rear tire replacement on a regular basis. Lots of friends will also fit in this car which is illegal at least in Ohio. I got c
  10. Ended up buying the 95 lesabre custom with 147k for.....$1500 only problems with the car are a front wheel wobble(they thought a front wheel bearing was going out feels more like an out of balance wheel to me.), the 4 switch power cluster for the drivers door, and the interior needs a good cleaning thats it. Ran flawlessly on the hour long trip home and a couple of hours of parts running and other shopping. I think we got good deal as in my area no one would have taken under 2000 no matter what kbb says. These people looked up the kbb value and decided to let it sell at book value. I t was wor
  11. Were staying away from supercharged cars, this will be my girlfriends main car and it doesn't need a whole lot of power. Thanks for all the help guys! We are still looking there is a really nice 95 lesabre with 147k miles that popped up and a 2002 park avenue with 187k miles( different one than the original car posted) that was elderly owned and serviced at the dealership regularly and it shows that car is super nice looking and seems very well taken care of hopefully going to look at that one tonight! Then the 95 Lesabre tomorrow and possibly the original car posted if we can find anything el
  12. Progress is progress, funds are tight right now so I wanted to do something with Buick. I had these roller rims and tires laying around and decided they would look better and make the car easier to move than the 4 flat tires it was on. I plan on going back to the originals but I have to track down 2 more good ones. Anyways I think the car looked so much better with these I took some pics. Sadly the pics also show how bad the driver side is eaten up, both rear fender mounting areas and inner fenders behind them will need attention as will the rockers. I may have picked a really rusty car but it
  13. These also came with my special and appear to be from a Buick, just need need clarification on where exactly these go like which side front or rear. All this will be for sale later.
  14. Alright All this trim came with my 47 special when I got it. Most of the trim for my 47 was on it or in it still and a lot of this stuff seems to be off either a special or a roadmaster. My special is pretty basic so I don't even know what most of this is or where exactly it would go. Or even if it is for a Buick?
  15. My girlfriend and I are in the market for a good used car for under $2500 we came across a 2002 Buick Park Avenue with 186,000 miles, we have yet to test drive this car but I talked the guy down to 2085+tax,title,and doc fees(they wanted another $85 for the labor and parts just put into fixing the gas and one other gauge where the needles just stayed topped out) the mileage is what bugs me as I know the engines will run well if taken care of into the 220-250k mile range but I know the transmissions don't last as long. There are some decent sized tears in the front leather seats and it needs a
  16. I stand corrected the car on trailer in the pics above is the one still for sale. Also this is the car with all the extra parts. He is accepting reasonable offers!!!!
  17. I think he sold the one on the right which means he probably still has the one on the left. Judging purely by his description. Who knows maybe the untouched one could be had still for a bargain price? Hey guys I tried but I didn't see them till the add was a few days old.
  18. Here is the text from that post i have 2-1928 rumble lid master series buicks with golf club doors. first car has resto started. There were only around 7000 of these made and only few exist, 1st- this one is in good condition, it has 4000 original miles. all wood has been started and has all correct wood to finish, all body panels good. has original wood spokes wheels and tires hold air. motor has been gone through and has manifolds and carb rebuilt, rebuilt generator, starter, vacuum fuel pump, reconditioned glass bowl fuel filter. Rebuilt ignition system. has complete new gasket kit to reins
  19. You may have to sign up to view pics on this site and its the only way to contact this guy! Located in Lodi California
  20. Some one needs to get these before they get turned into hot rods. Tons of spare parts included. I don't know if they're worth 10k but they look worth saving. 2- rare 28 buick 3 window master series coupes - THE H.A.M.B.
  21. That's a little harsh? I can think of a few other vehicles in the sports car realm that deserve that name a bit more. Like a Skelta G Force.
  22. I grew up with oldsmobile and buick cars, my mom drove a 1979 2 door delta88 all the way up to 2005. So I spent my whole childhood riding around in the comfort of crushed velvet velore. I loved that car but it was too rusty and used up by the time I got around to driving age. My grandparents and aunt always had Buicks. When I turned 16 I got my grandparents 1994 Lesaber Custom. I drove that car until the transmission gave out(young male driver abuse). I loved how that car floated down the road. I met my girlfriend in that car and now we have a wonderful 4 month old son and have been together 4
  23. I'm in the works on finding a set of those gears. 1955 and earlier buicks are not exactly common around my area so parts are hard to come by. What models had that rear gear ratio anyways?
  24. They're cool Ill give them that but I would personally never own one.
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