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  1. I do CL quite a bit and the biggest thing is some of these guys get and its happened to myself more than once. Get hammered with people wanting more info. It gets hard to weed out the real and fake guys. Sometimes to the point of well I'm just going keep it if its this much of a hassle to sell it. As for the Roadmaster in this add the guy is obviously fishing for the highest offer he can get. For the most part though I have been more than happy dealing with CL. It's what I'm using to look for 1942-48 Buicks right now along with this forum. I've located a 46 I'm trying to save up for.

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  2. That's one hell of a deal. I really wish I could swing for shipping from Texas to Ohio. I can meet the asking price just not after shipping. Is there any way that if someone really wanted this we could go through a network of us Buick guys and have 1 guy tow it so far to another guy and so forth till it reaches it's new owner? Might be more expensive might not. But it's an idea. A car this clean and nice at that price should go to a good home.

  3. I would think that with shipping costs involved and whatnot that would bring this car at least into the $1800 range? I think you made the right choice. Rotted brake lines are a sure sign of rust elsewhere here also. I've seen a few garage kept 80,000 mile cars that where everything was good to go for 2200-2800 depending on paint and interior condition. I'm a huge craigslist hound and look all over the state for things. So if you're really interested I can do some searches in my area and help you out?

  4. I would help but that is a 2 1/2 hour drive one way for me. All I have to say is that around this area( ohio, eastern indiana, southern michigan) that anything that truly runs and drives with this few issues and even rust problems someone who knows nothing about reattas will snap it up just because it's a cheap car. Used cars here are gold right now. $1000 for anything that runs and drives is a great deal here as long as there isn't enough rust to fall in half. I bet you can find a much nicer one closer to home. I guarantee it. heck 1999 Grand prixs with blown motors or transmissions and high miles sell for 900-1400 here.

  5. I just read the add in question and I have to say which one of you guys that's mad about this would step up to whatever the asking price of this car is? It is a 4 door which is usually shunned. I think some four door body styles look better than the two door counterpart. Getting all riled up over a four door is about unheard of in any car circle I know of. Anyone have pics of the car in question?

  6. Helfen sit down and take a chill pill man. Don't knock the the real customizers either, barris,winfield,jeffries,bailon, took some pretty boring stock cars and made them special. Did you know that at AACA shows there are modified divisions? You purists are sometimes what kills the hobby! Your restored or nothing at all attitude is what puts people off. Take a young kid for example with not enough money to restore a car to pure stock but would like to drive and enjoy it before he/she is 40. Things like paying $100 for single tiny pieces of trim or a door handle are exactly why stuff gets rodded. As is waiting to find the sometimes non existent or impossible to find parts. I like fully restored cars as well as hot rods and I love traditional style customs. By the way that da vinci is priceless and there is only one, a 33 pontiac is not.

    There are more out there go find one instead of whining here. In the time it took you to post someone probably bought one and there were probably quite a few original collector cars sold. As for the illegal to modify a car bit I must admit I'm a criminal then. I ran my 66 caprice with headers and a drag style exhaust on a 400 horse 350. Arrest me. My friend with a 71 chevelle ss 454 in his jacked up chevy truck has never been smog tested and its a 1979? In my area no one cares.

    Lastly I'm going to bring up one of the reasons things get rodded. At the last car show you went to how many stock 55-57 ford thunderbirds were there? I know every show in my area has 4 or 5. They all look the same and nothing is worse than turning up at a show and bam there is another car just like yours. People do it to be different. LIVE with it.

  7. We need to start a fund that every time a post like this comes up, the poster has to donate a dollar to the beaten dead horses fund. This has been played out so many times. Quit complaining and start doing!!!! I'm actually starting to get really mad at these posts. I don't know if you realized it or not but I've seen tons of full on resto and originality guys part out and scrap perfectly good restoration projects that in their terms cost to much to restore. But when someone buys the whole car and plans on doing something like this it becomes sacrilege? STUPID that's a double standard.

    I watched a guy at a show rudely tell a younger guy around my age that his 31 ford tudor rat rod was a waste of a good 31 ford body. The kid then explained how it was actually a patchwork of a wasted tudor body and 8 or 9 good panels to make it look ok enough to be a rat rod. The guy walked away embarrassed. In the case of this particular Pontiac it seems as though whats done is done and if you don't have the cash to talk the guy out of it what say do you have in it? HE OWNS IT YOU DON"T It might be a shame to you but in his eyes it's not.

  8. You got to step up and buy them or this happens. Plain and simple. I like both restored and rodded cars. Since he has already made his intentions known maybe some should offer to buy up all the hard to find restoration pieces he is going to be getting rid of and then just go find another good restoration candidate to use the other parts on. Life is too short to worry about something like this.

  9. As much as I admire all of the intricate cast and carved embellishments on these, I really have to applaud the sheet metal benders who crafted that beautiful roof on this '56:


    Got to Say I love this thread so far. Lots of carved panel hearses! There was a 53 flower car similar to this one in an ohio auto/rv freebie a while back for $1300 I got beat to it. It was blue with flames and lowered a little bit but otherwise just neglected and original. I really wish I could have nabbed that one!

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