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  1. This is an awesome thread keep them coming! Is it just me or do the South Americans take their hearses to whole new levels? Completely hand carved body sections are pure art. Did any of these ever make it to the states?
  2. Got to Say I love this thread so far. Lots of carved panel hearses! There was a 53 flower car similar to this one in an ohio auto/rv freebie a while back for $1300 I got beat to it. It was blue with flames and lowered a little bit but otherwise just neglected and original. I really wish I could have nabbed that one!
  3. I'm in the works on finding a set of those gears. 1955 and earlier buicks are not exactly common around my area so parts are hard to come by. What models had that rear gear ratio anyways?
  4. I really like the fuel mileage your getting, If I could get that I would drive mine daily. This is something I will keep in mind for future possibilities. Have you done any cityvs highway figures yet?
  5. If I may what did this setup end up costing you? I got on there website and didn't see anything for straight 8s so just wondering if it cost you more for a custom setup?
  6. I know what you mean, I redid a dash on a 66 cadillac on the cheap for a friend in the black "Angel Hair" material and was newb enough to think that $18.99 bought the whole roll I was thinking man thats a hell of good price. Then the lady informed me it was by the yard and steered me to a %50 off coupon. I walked away with 3 yards instead. I did look at their foam too and thought it was a little pricey for the quality. Anyone know of good wholesale places with good products at a decent price? I want to get into doing upholstery someday. What sewing machine did you use matt? Or was it by hand?
  7. Just read all of this thread and I have to say that you do amazing work and your motivation and lack of fear are inspiring me for my 1947 special. I lucked out on the floors being pretty solid but it still needs a lot of rust work. Out of curiosity what ever happened to the 56c you started with(said it was being stored outside and then never heard about it again)? Future resto? I was originally planning to be at this years BCA in south bend but due to a very bad wiring harness and needing a complete mechanical over hau at the leastl with my budget I may have to wait till it comes around my ar
  8. I actually really like this car but what kills it for me is those god awful Lincoln headlights. I have yet to see them used on anything and look good.
  9. This one would be a great car but due to the mentioned v8 air cleaner, I bet its also sub-framed and other such monstrosities that go along with it. Under that skin its probably nothing more than a 70s Camaro or mustang 2. Good looking car though.
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