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  1. Thanks ron. Like i said i`m new to this and accidently posted twice. One here and on a different thread. I think i got what i needed for my car and i do appreciate the post you gave. Once again thank you.
  2. Thank you oldsfan. I was mostly wanting this information as to know if i made a good trade or not. I`ve had several old vehicles from fords to chevys to buicks but never had an olds. I just saw this coupe( which ive always wanted) and just had to have it because it was different. Not sure what im goin to do with it at this point outside of enjoying it. I realize this is a very vague question but have you seen any thats sold recently? I dont plan on selling it but was just wondering what its worth. Thank you.
  3. Hi, i`m new to this so please bare with me. I recently required a 1941 oldsmobile. I believe they call it a business coupe as it has no back seat just a shelf that makes the trunk longer. It all original except the wheels, however i also got those in on the trade. It has the original 6v system with the 6 cylinder flathead and the original 3 speed on the column. Looking at the pictures on the internet of others, mine appears to have a little less chrome on it than the fancier ones. The cars i little rough and out side of missing a few pieces of chrome and a couple of dents, its pretty so
  4. I recently traded my harley dvidson that i didnt ride much for a 1941 oldsmobile. I was hoping i could find out some more information on it. So far i can tell you that its all original outside of the wheels. Its a business coupe (no rear seat) and it has a flathead 6 cylinder motor. Its a 3 speed on the column Its brown in color and has pretty basic chrome as compared to most ive seen on the internet so far. I saw a thread on here that said they tought they were pretty rare. Any and all information would be appreciated. If theres something i need to post let me know cause the more i find
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