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  1. Did you ever figure it out? I stupidly just bought a homemade trailer yesterday and have been learning about all of this new IL crap today. 5 years ago when I needed a homemade title, I just signed off saying it was homemade and got temp tags that day. Now I find out that after signing all their documents, giving receipts and signing in blood, they tell me the best case scenario is to get a vin in two months, then you need to start the process for the registration. I need it now not in three months. And how do I provide material receipts and sign their legal documents saying it was me and only me who built it. I bought it this way. IL sucks royally. I think I just bought a pile of scrap iron. They say it is to stop trailer theft. Sorry for the rant, I am just learning of this whole process today. Heard this went into effect at the start of 2010 to stop trailer theft. Did you ever figure out any way through this?