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  2. LOOKING FOR BRAKE FLUID (mineral oil) RESEVOIR FOR 1988-1989 Jaguar XJ6 Winfield Strock ahab2@att.net 304.550.2318
  3. Military style. Located 20 miles from Charleston, WV. E-mail for photos and info. ahab2@att.net
  4. Military style. Located 20 miles from Charleston, West Virginia. E-mail for pictures and info. ahab2@att.net
  5. Sorry, but I sold the last one two weeks ago. GTHanks for your Interest. Good Luck, Win Strock
  6. Sorry, I do not have complete box with gears. I only have cluster gear. I have other parts for pre-war fords. If you are in need of something else, send me a list, I might have something you could use. Thanks for your interest and inquiry. Win
  7. If you click on the gasket picture to enlarge it, the letters are in the yellow circle. Thanks for your interest and reply.
  8. I have come into possesion of two (2) Valve Grinding Gasket Sets. The package is marked Dodge 1 - Part No. 996411 Valve Grinding Gasket Set Group - 0100 Back of package = "Use Gasoline to Remove Rust" "Proof Coating Before Using" Some of the fiber gaskets are marked DD CD See Photos If you know the year and/or model please advise. Thanks, Win
  9. NOS Aftermarket head gaskets for Whippet 1926-1930 and Willys 1933-1938 Win 304.550.2318 ahab2@att.net
  10. Cluster Gear - '37 Ford. NOS - $75.00 + shipping - 304.550.2318 or ahab2@att.net
  11. Fibre Timing Gear for Model "A". NOS $75.00 + shipping. 304.550.2318 or ahab2@att.net
  12. Gas Strainer for Model "A". NOS $45.00 + shipping. 304.550.2318 or ahab2@att.net
  13. Timing Gear (fiber composition) for Model "A" Ford. $75.00 + shipping
  14. NOS - mfg by Internaqtional Parts - Part# TG227-8A. Ford Part# 74-7112B & C Asking $65.00 + shipping
  15. Attached is photo of grille. Sold one last week. Have this one left. Win ahab2@att.net
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