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  1. Up for sale is my 1990 Reatta Coupe. Asking $950.00 or OBO. White exterior, Blue interior. 201164 miles on it. Car drives great. Clean title. Can be driven or used as parts car. I was hoping to have the car for several more years and looking forward to taking it to car shows when it becomes classic in 2 years but I have too many projects going on right now and don’t have time to work on the issues that need attention. The car was inspected and passed 07/13. Below are the formal questions on the car. The car is located in Carmel NY (Putnam County). Any questions, please let me know. Steve Year:__1990_____ Coupe: __xxx__ Conv:____ Mileage:_201164_________ Considered Correct? (Y) Location: Carmel, NY________________________________ VIN:_1G4EC13C3LB904678_______________________________ Title: Clear_xxx__ Salvage____ Other___ Any Accident History? (N) Asking Price: $950.00 or OBO Willing to take trade (N) Exterior Color: White Interior Color: Blue Paint Original? (Y) Paint Condition? (Good) Belt & Bumper Molding Color: (White - Body Color) Body Dents: (N) If Y where__________________ Body Rust: (N) If Y where__________________ Windshield Chipped or Cracked? (N) If Y to what extent? Vent Glass Intact? (N) If N please describe which one is damaged and how damaged. Rubber surround molding for windshield condition? (Good) (Coupe only) Rubber surround molding for rear window condition? (Excellent) Out Side Mirrors Intact? (Y) Headlight Motors Function Correctly? (Y) Tail Light Lens: (Clear) Interior Original? (Y) 16 Way Seats? (N) Works (Y) Seat Condition? (Excellent) Drivers interior door panel condition? (Good) Passengers interior door panel condition? (Good) Center console top armrest condition? (Excellent) Door weather stripping condition? (Fair) Headliner Condition? (Fair) Carpet Condition? (Good) Original Floor Mats: (N) Floor Mat Condition: (Excellent) Condition of Steering Wheel Leather: (Good) Sun Roof? (N) Functional Keyless Entry? (N) Both Remotes? (N) Problems with Electronic Dash items? (N) If Y describe problems: Power Windows Work Correctly? (N) Passenger power widow does not go up or down Power Seats Work Correctly? (Y) Power Door Locks Work Correctly? (Y) Power Antenna Work Correctly? (N) Antenna stays in up position Original Sound System? (N) Factory CD Player? (90-91 only) (Y) Has original CD plauer – was disconnected by previous owner so don’t know if it works. New Sound system installed. Sound System Fully Functional? (Y) If N what are the problems (i.e. tape player, CD, speakers, noise): Aftermarket Sound System Equipment? (Y) If Y describe: A/C Functional? (N) If N describe problem: A/C, Heat and defrost don’t work. Blower does not come on but blower has been tested and does work. Probably bad control or ICM modules? Has the A/C been converted from R12 to R134A? (N) Does the suspension require any attention? (N) If Y describe what is needed Tire Brand: Toyo Touring Remaining Tread: good – passes inspection Are All Tires Matched? (Y) Factory Wheels? (N) If N describe the non stock wheel American Racing Any Brake Components Replaced? (Y) If Y describe the part(s) replaced and when? Accumulator in 2012 Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? 07/2012 Original Engine? (Y) If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Engine Rebuilt? (N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Engine require attention? (N) If Y what needs to be done. When was last tune up? June 2012 Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? (N) If Y describe in detail what is leaking, to what extent. How often do you change the oil? Every 3500 miles Original Transmission? (Y) If N when replaced and how many miles on replacement? Original Transmission Rebuilt? (N) If Y when and how many miles ago? Does Transmission require attention? (N) If Y what needs to be done? When was last Transmission Service? 2011 – transmission fluid changed and transmission inspected Any Transmission Leaks? (N) If Y to what extent? Have CV joints been replaced? (No – not by me – don’t know previous owner) If Y when and how many miles ago? I have (most) receipts for this vehicle's service history. (or, for example I have (all) receipts for service for the last __2_ years and _12000_____ miles) Does the car have the owners manual portfolio? No For 90/91 Reattas only, does the owners manual portfolio contain: Craftsmen?s Log (Y/N) Tire gauge (Y/N) Flashlight (Y/N) Buick Road Atlas (Y/N) In General, What items need attention? Passenger power window and why heat, A/C, Def blower does not come on. Emergency brake was overhauled and needs to be put back on the emergency pedal. My Reatta Drives: (Good) I am the _(don’t no)_____owner of this Reatta. I have owned this Reatta for __2___ Years and/or _____ Months. Contact Steve at __845_ _277__ _6923___ or email me at ____stschreib_____@__Yahoo__._com__
  2. I'm not getting any voltage from the programmer to the control module. I would like to check the programmer now, but am having trouble finding it. Where exactly is it and how do I access it?
  3. I did jumper the blower to the battery and the Fan/blower did come on. I bought a blower control module and received it today. I installed it and to my surprise the blower is still not working in any mode (Heat/Def etc) or on any speed. Any sugestions any one? Steve
  4. I select Heat, Defrost or A/C and whether the Fan speed is set to auto, or low all the way to high; I don't hear or feel any fan movement and nothing coming out of the vents. The car is not throwing a check engine light. Fuses are good. I took the 2 wire connector off of the fan under the hood (behind the power steering) and I don't have power to that connector. Could it be the Control module? Anything under the passenger side? Any place I should look next? Thanks.
  5. The Heat or A/C including defroster is not working on any speed on my 1990 Reatta. What are the steps to find out if I have a bad blower? Control Module, ECM, etc?
  6. unfortunately.... I already own 4 other vehicles and I was on a small budget... I paid $500.00 for the car.... Bought it from a friend of a friend. Yes, I was concerned about the high mileage (now 196K). If I get the car running right, I might comute with the reatta (at least for awhile) and send my son back up to college with my car. My commute is about 40 mins each way...still a little far but at least in the same state...lol
  7. and to add from my above comment... to start with right after I bought the car, I went to get it inspected and it failed because the tie rod was broken, so right off the bat I had to replace the tie rod. Because my son was bugging me because he could not live with the headlights on the car locked in the up position, I had to buy the headlight kit from this forum. Overall I have spend already well over the money I paid for the car originally.
  8. 13 months ago I bought my 1990 coupe for my oldest son to use a daily driver...or kinda anyway. He wanted a car up in college away from home. Actually except for a few minor things to fix, The car ran great. Now this year it has broken down on him and me twice and I doubt whether to send him back up to college with it next month. I don't want it breaking down in another state several hours away from home and my son not nowing what to do. Big decission coming up.
  9. My concern is not what its worth.... but how much money can and should I put into it before I say Its not worth putting any more money into it..... I've had my High mileage car for 13 months now (90 coupe). I bought it with 191K miles on it... After driving it a year plus, Now have the mileage past 196K. Since the year, I had to replace the Alternator, Spark plugs, wires, Mass Air, the Accumulator, and shortly the Idle sensor.....all to fix problems.... Not counting the time I put in to fix the electrical wires underneath the seats. Since day one, the car takes in water everytime it rains. I'm still trying to plug up all the leaks.... I think Im down to one spot left. I guess you can call it a labor of love... but if the engine problem Im having turns out to be major engine work, I don't know if I can afford to keep putting money into it.... Don't get me wrong, I do love the car.... It's just a lot more repair work to put into it - more then I expected and more then any other vehicle I ever owned. I have a 1949 truck that I drive on weekends and it don't give me as much troubles as the reatta.
  10. yeah I never heard of gas in theoil before either except on small engines (lawnmowers). I think Padgett is talking about pouring gas in the tubes before the fuel injectors... I think there is an opening (screw cap).... Not totally sure.
  11. I don't know if your having the same problem with your Reatta as mine but I will explain my problem... I have a 90 coupe. It was running great up till last Sunday... Parked it. Tried to start it Monday morning and ran rough...spuddering... blue and black smoke coming out the back... once car warmed up to normal idle (around 800 RPM's), the car would shut off...everytime I would start the car, it would run for a sec and shut down. Still starting with the blue and black smoke. I checked my oil and saw the oil level was almost double. There was/is gas mixed in with the oil. I verified I was getting spark out of the ECM. I changed the spark plugs and the oil, the car would stay on but was still very rough. I bought and changed the Mass Air flow sensor.... Now the car purrs when starting up fresh... smooth as long as you keep the RPM's around 1000....when car warms up and gets to around 800 RPM's, the car idled rough almost to point of stalling...crank up to 1000 RPM's and the engine runs smooth. I now ordered a new Idle sensor from my parts place. Should come in Monday. Im hoping this fixes the last remaining problem. Check to see if you have gas leaking into the oil... has anyone ever experienced that before? This was my first time with any car.... and I did not think it was possible - Steve
  12. With the Headlights on - car running and car off..... Hood light stays out.... No voltage to the socket.. Either it's a fuse by itself thats blown or Im guessing the socket is bad (not likely thought).
  13. Headlights/parking lights on.... Hood light is still out. Steve 90 white coupe
  14. Question: Is the Hood light on it's own circuit? Own Fuse? If so, which one? or is it connected in with other devices? I have no power to the socket. Lite has never worked since I bought the car (last year). thank you. Steve 90 White Coupe
  15. Barney, The key goes in but the key will not turn. Steve
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