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  1. Hello I am wondering if anyone may know what the d4 dual mag may have been used on?
  2. I have a very similar looking one for a Cadillac. http://forums.aaca.org/f151/help-identifying-antique-cadillac-ignition-light-327028.html
  3. Hello I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me identify which year/model cadillac this might be from. Thanks http://photos.rkim.net/p350295925/e2928e434
  4. I have a Stutz Delco Dual Distributor with a couple readable patent dates of March 10, 1907 and May 22, 1917. It also has Dayton Ohio on it. The caps have no cracks or chips. The rotors are present and look great. Looking for $1200. If you are interested send me your email and I can send you some pictures. Thank You ***Sale Pending***
  5. The arrow on the oil tab on above the drive shaft points to the right so clockwise rotation. If this is what you are looking for you can make me an offer and I will consider it. Robert
  6. This one says Centinol. I had pulled out a Cushman 4hp Model C engine and put it in storage. Maybe it was meant to go with that.
  7. Hello all and thanks for all the info. I haven't done much wig these yet other than move them to a safe storage. I am in no big rush to sell any of it but will continue to research. I did find some more parts. When I do sell I will post a link here so you guys can check it out. Thanks again.
  8. Anyone know what might have used o e of these?
  9. Ben thanks for your input but it is not CMC that is casted on there it is GMC. General motors purchased the company in 1909. I know it is hard to tell in the photo.
  10. Guys thank you for taking the time to respond to my posts. I have received several emails and a few private messages. Now first of all Dave from NJ what approximately is the value of the gold mine you speak of? Hahaha. So here is the story of the engines..... My father inlaw was a major collector. He had many amazing things he had accumulated over the span of his life. I am now helping my mother inlaw to cash in on all the years of her putting up with all his "junk" as she calls it. We are making the mini storage owners richer with the several storage units we have had to rent to stash
  11. Hello and once again I am looking for some info from the many experts here. I have a few old racing engines that I would like to have input on. Mainly if anyone can identify them by the pictures or give some clues on how I can research further. Thanks 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)
  12. Now taking offers on a crankcase for a 1911 Cadillac. Please see attached photos. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)
  13. Thanks for all the info guys....I appreciate your knowledge.
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