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  1. Sorry I wrote in English (with a little fatigue) but google traslate for me in Italian (Puff puff)
  2. Ciao a tutti. Per qualsiasi domanda, dopo questa interessante discussione, ho alcune risposte. Sono d'accordo con la maggior parte di voi e ho trascorso la mia serata felice con te. Grazie. Ho uno Standard 25-25 X (esportazione) completo e originale in tutte le parti tranne gli interni (e forse i raggi non sono colorati ma mi piace l'aspetto del legno). L'anno prossimo realizzerò l'originale con molte foto. Anche i cerchi sono 22 ". Vivo in Italia.
  3. Hello Mr. Brooks,do you still have the Buick Standard 1925 detachable rims?
  4. Ok I really need an help now. In Bassano (my town) the radiator man told me that the aspect of my radiator will be modern (1900 Euros). I don't want! I want a honeycomb like original, or with a slice of my old. I'm a purist. In Torino they ask me 5.000 Euros!!! Maybe in Brassworks in USA? Leif, in Sweden you told about a radiatorist? I prefer to send in Europe the radiator... Thank you again for any help: Sebastiano
  5. Genial... Thank's many thank's. Precious Forum, precious answer. Have a nice week Seba
  6. Very Nice.... Just one thing! As my 25-6.25x we need to resolve the chrome aspect of the car changing with the nickel... no? My friend Bonfanti (Bonfanti Garage) told me to do this because there was no chrome before '30... Ciao Seba
  7. Thak you, Ben. Like Leif you are very kind to answer to my post. Pistons: Now I've ordered throw egge.com the pistons with a +0,30 for to resolve the scratches on the cylinder. For this car is the first expansion of the pistons. Radiator: My radiator externally is in perfect conditions but not inside. The mechanic told me if I want to cut a thin slice of the old honeycomb but now I've found a little bit larger honeycomb (easier and cheaper) handmade here in Bassano. Not bad. Goodrich: I 'll follow in your idea of 6.00x22 yes... Thank you again and cheers... Seba
  8. Dear Rod, I'understand you have Olympic 5.00x22 tires? Do you sell this tires? I need 1 or 2 or all you have... Thank you v.m. Seviane
  9. Thank you very much Leif, you ard very kind everytime. And so fast to answer. I searched a lot of times without exit the parts and I'm not a beginner with computer!!! Now in one simple answer I've all the informations. And sorry if ask here... For the radiator? Mine is perfect but obstructed... Ah the garage man ask me to send to Torino but it costs 8000 euros... Gasp Thank you again Seba
  10. Hello to everybody. Happy New Year. Anybody knows where I can buy 6 pistons for my buick standard six 1925? My car buyed in England, has an Australian provenience. The same question is for the 5.00 x 22 tyres. Thank you very much for any answer. Seviane (Italy)
  11. Ciao, anyone knows where I can find a Klaxon 8c 6volts? thank you for the answers.. Seviane
  12. Hello there, Please, anyone knows how is the front floor of my Buick 1925-6-25x (tourer) that now it's in natural wood? Maybe with gummy carpets and aluminium profiles like some pictures of the original brochure? I'm a new user (italian) and please use patience if I'm not so practical...
  13. Thank you, thank you very much Leif, I've seen you have a Buick in some forums. I've seen too, Cocker Tire and his answer was that he doesn't know what kind of tire I need. Now I'm happy after your answer but the Italian regulamentation about tires is very strictly to the original and you can't mount a different size. I've changed the papers today before immatricolate the car so I've my original size 6,00x22 ;-))) thanks again Seba
  14. Hello, Ciao a tutti. I'm Italian, I've a Buick Standard 6 Touring (25-6-25x). I've a problem with the omologation with my car for trouble with the tires. The tires the car has are 5.00 x 22 mounted in wood Spoke Wheels. Now they don't exists anymore. Anyone knows what I can mount? The original number is 31x4,95 !!!??? Best regards
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