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  1. Thanks guys, I'll check into those, I never thought of a Instrument repair shop either, thats a good Idea
  2. Hey Guys, I'm trying to find someone who can restore my brass radiator surround, its pretty well banged up and I really want to find someone who specializes in the brass restoration area. Hopefully someone in the michigan area Thanks, Travis
  3. Well, I've got a 1909 Brush Runabout. runs and drives, reupholstered seats, lots of cool stuff, Ive got the side marker lights and the tail light, but am still looking for the head lamps. Also, I still need to rebuild the Magneto Box (anybody know someone who rebuilds them??) It's has a model T carb on it, instead of what I think was called a 6 ball carb, because apparently the model t one is more efficient, I'm also looking for the original carb if anyone can find one. So basically lots of cleaning and small stuff, only major thing is I need is to find someone in the western Michigan region
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